Junior Doctors

I was posted this by a Junior colleague dated yesterday from the Chair of the Junior Doctors Committee
‘Today JDC met to consider the options open to us in the wake of continuing Government intransigence. I’m immensely proud of how we have stood together and stood up to the imposition of a contract that doctors have no confidence in and which they believe is unfair and would impact the delivery of care in the long term. The industrial action has been backed by inspirational and at times humbling public support as well as backing from across the whole profession. Today we heard strong voices at JDC highlighting the need to step up our action in the face of such Government obduracy. We have shown solidarity, stated our case clearly and passionately to the public, and done everything possible to avert what could be the worst of all worlds for junior doctors. This is why JDC voted today to move towards an escalation of its planned action. The exact nature of this action will be confirmed shortly. We know that no doctor wants to take such action but the refusal of the Government to get back around the table forces us down this road. There remains a way out of this. We want to get back around the table but the Government needs to reassess its position now. For the sake of patients, doctors and the future of the NHS the Government must put politics to one side, get back around the table and choose negotiation over imposition.

Best wishes



Yesterdays staff side Local Negotiating Committee spent a lot of time discussing JDr IA and maintaining the support of The Consultants and AS. There was discussion of how to approach various documents submitted by management and those that need renewing or revising

Those new to this blog should know the staff side LNC is the recognised negotiating group with management where local terms and conditions may be affected. As the LNC is complete and yesterday had elections to officers  I will give a list of those on it

Sunil Trakru                                     Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

John Firth                                        Consultant Histopathologist

Penny Hyatt                                    MSC Chair

Nicola West                                     Junior Dr rep

Hawa Petkar                                    Consultant Microbiologist 

Gopakumar Sudhir                        Consultant Anaesthetist

Yai Yoong                                        Consultant Obstetrician

Mohammed Anwar                       AS Orthopaedics

David Stoker                                  Consultant Surgeon

A K Ray                                            Clinical Oncologist

Nick Nabarro                                  Junior Dr rep

Toby Stevens                                  Junior Dr rep

Devesh Sharma                              A&E Consultant

Piyusha Kapila                                Consultant  Paediatrics

Rosemary Stanley McKenzie      BMA Industrial Relations Officer

At yesterday sLNC Sunil Trakru was re-elected Chair unopposed and I was elected Deputy Chair unopposed.

Other matters discussed to be discussed at the MSC at 1pm were impending increase in car parking charges from £20 per month at NMUH  for consultants and equivalent salaries  to £100 per month. Also discussed at the MSC was the impending sale of 4 acres of NMH land (from the pathology block up to an including the old Trust building) . This has been confirmed at the Executive Question Time on Monday. It was noted at the MSC that the employees of NMUH had not been made aware of this possible change. The number of car parking places in the Trust lost would be around 158 places..



I am not standing but there are a number of candidates I would personally recommend

Obviously Up2U to decide but here are a few recommendations based on what I have seen at ARM and various committees. It is an important time for Doctors to vote.

BORBORA, Aaron                             Junior Doctors                   North Western

BRENT, Keith                                     Consultants                        Southern

CHAND, Kailash                                 Retired Doctors                 North Western

COLLIER, Andrew                             Junior Doctors                   North Western

DE WARREN-PENNY, Phil             Consultants                        South Western

DOLPHIN, Thomas                           Consultants                        London

FIDLER, Helen                                   Consultants                        London

GOURTSOYANNIS, Yannis            Junior doctors                   London

HYSLOP, John                                    Consultants                        South Western

JAIN, Anil                                             Consultants                        North Western

MCNAB, Ian                                       Consultants                        Central Southern

MALAWANA, Johann                     Junior doctors                   Eastern

MARLOWE, Gary                              General practice              Central

MATTHEWS, M Gordon                 Consultants                        Central Southern

NAGPAUL, Chaand                          General practice              Eastern

O’KANE, Kevin                                  Consultants                        London

RAE, George                                      General practice               North Eastern

ROSENBAUM,   Tomas                   Consultants                        Central Southern

RUNSWICK, Emma                          North Western                   Medical students

SAVAGE, Wendy                              Retired doctors                   London

YATES, Tim                                         Junior doctors                   London

In particular vote for a good balance of Male: Female if possible