Because the JSC takes place on a Wednesday (when I am not in NMH)  I stopped going to it as BMA representative several years ago. Since then LNC members  Devesh Sharma or  Piyusha Kapila have been attending. On this occasion I was able to attend the pre-meeting with Unison, Unite and RCN representatives which was both informative and helpful.

As always I do my best to minute the meetings and convey them without emotion, prejudice or bias. I have asked the official minutes to be posted on the Intranet.

The Joint Staff Committee with the management side began at 1.45 the following is a brief summary taken from my notes which will be more detailed and specific to Sunil Trakru and the rest of the LNC

Previous minutes from January were accepted

Month 11 financial report was circulated.

  • This is quite detailed and best for LNC eyes but note worth figures
  • £7.74million deficit   £4.47 million pay overspent
  • £2.4 million A&E performance fines  – on this I was told these are being removed in the next financial year as they are counterproductive.
  • QIPP achievement £5.5 million (target £8.5 nillion)

Workforce report was circulated

  • Sickness rate has increased to 4.6%
  • Monthly sick pay for February £227k
  • Trust turnover rate 18.2%  (Medical 20% Nursing 18.22%
  • There is a detailed breakdown by profession and CBU which I will give to anyone interested.
  • Staff retention 83.2%
  • 59% of staff are locally employed
  • 500 Doctors and 1100 Nurses are employed at NMUH
  • Lots of other info if you send me a comment or usual e-mail

Car parking

New Car parking charges will come into effect soon

I detail the new monthly charges for Doctors only

  • FY1 & FY2                                             £40
  • Trust Dr SHO Level                           £60
  • Trust Grade DR SpR level               £80
  • Consultant/Associate Specialist  £100

Some of these charges were detailed at the last NMH Medical Staff Committee and it was brought to the attention of the Management (by me) at the JSC that there was a lot of discontent from the Consultants present. Management stated that the payment could be part of the “Salary Sacrifice Scheme” (I do not have much knowledge of this).

Management (Ray in HR) at my behest agreed to attend the next Junior Doctors Forum at NMH if e-mailed (Action please Nicky/Nick/Toby) to discuss the charges for Junior Doctors.

Staff Survey

This has been discussed at the Workforce Committee. (I don’t know who is on it)

Previous e-mails from me have highlighted areas of poor performance but the documented circulated and discussed showed areas of top ranking and improvement. I will not now go into the survey as I think it should be an item for the staff side and joint LNC to discuss but I promise to blog on it in the near future.

Bullying and Harassment

I believe there is a new document out which I have not read, again  I think it should be an item for the staff side and joint LNC to discuss but I promise to blog on it.

Land sale

It was confirmed that there is an imminent sale of 4 acres of the NMUH site which (sic) came about through an approach from someone associated with the Department of Education. Due to the “decanting of pathology” to central London and the “hot lab” the area included is from Bridport Road up to the new O&G unit including the old Trust Building Administrative area (“old” A&E), GP bloods  and the Alexander Pringle Centre as well as Pathology block which even with loss of laboratory space has rooms for 15 consultants and a few others (eg Infection Control Director)plus a Pathology Seminar Room used for 13 Multidisciplinary Team meetings mainly for Cancer patient discussions. (which cost £35k to install) .

There was a general discussion of how the area would cope with the increase in traffic an “academy” with 1200+ children would bring to the area, how much the local population had been consulted (we are supposed to be the hospital of choice) and how much “noise” would come to the residents, patient in CoE and O&G patients. Two play grounds are in the planning. It was confirmed any sale of land was without planning permission for anything so that if planning permission was rejected the new owner could sell it for something else entirely. It was confirmed if that event happened the contract included NMUH benefiting from the profit.

There was a discussion of how much money comes into NMUH through UCL and SGU and how it has been spent over the last few years. It was stated that this was an opportunity to use the money to invest in Education at NMUH  to the amount of £2 million. No price was stated as the cost of reciting IT (in the Trust Building). It was stated that clinical spaces are available to decant Alexander Pringle Centre it was said.  Less defined was how the 100 or so administrators in the old A&E would be rehoused.

NMUH Future organisational model

The JSC was presented with a document to be discussed (and ratified?) at tomorrows NMH Exec Board meeting. Whilst expecting this to be embargoed until tomorrow the magic of the internet finds it  freely available on line tucked away in the documents for tomorrow’s board meeting. So I am not breach any confidence (indeed the document we saw does not have confidential written on it)

Please go to page 185 of the following document

The Staff meetings are at 2 & 3 pm tomorrow

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UK Health Alliance on Climate Change

Those awake at 6.50am would have heard an interview on the Radio 4 Today program with the editor of the BMJ regarding the inauguration of the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change

The BMJ and BMA together with other major UK health institutions have formed this alliance to encourage better approaches to tackling climate change that protect and promote public health, whilst also reducing the burden on health services.

The objectives of the organisation are to raise awareness of the risks to health that climate change poses and the benefits that tackling it can bring and support and enable doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to act. The group will advocate at a national and international level for a strong policy response to protect and promote public health in tackling climate change.

They intend to lobby the UK Governments to ensure that national energy, health, transport, agriculture and local community policy unlocks health benefits. By working with local and national partners to help strengthen the NHS’s resilience to, and impact on climate change, they hope also to reduce the financial burden on health services.

The alliance will develop communications tools and opportunities for individual UK health professionals to better inform themselves and advocate on behalf of their patients.
Full news feed can be found at

About the new alliance at

News article


Other BMA information

I will be giving a presentation on the latest update (in English) on the Consultants Contract to the Italian Medical Society on Thursday at 6.30pm. This will be the same as Rosemary Stanley-McKenzie’s presentation to the last MSC and similar to what I have previously published on the blog but am happy to drive into town any Italian Consultants/SAS JDr interested (or those with Italian family ties). The Chair of the JDr Committee is also presenting (also in English!)

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