No April fool jokes in this lot all supplied to me via BMA communications (I did like the Radio 4 one just before thought for the day)

Widely cited in a large number of publications including the Guardian, Telegraph and Mail is the news that the BMA is launching a judicial review against the junior doctor’s contract challenging the legality of Jeremy Hunt’s decision to impose new terms and conditions on 45,000 medics.

BMA junior doctor committee chair, Dr Johann Malawana, said: “The decision to plough ahead with the imposition of an unfair contract that junior doctors have no confidence in and have roundly rejected, is a sign of total failure on the Government’s part. Instead of meaningfully negotiating with the BMA to reach an agreement that would be in the best interest of patients, junior doctors and the NHS, the Government walked away, rejecting a fair and affordable offer by the BMA. It has since continued wilfully ignoring the mounting chorus of concern, from doctors, patients and senior NHS managers – the very people who use and provide NHS services.” He added: “For the sake of patients, doctors and the future of the NHS the Government must put politics to one side, lift the imposition and actually address, rather than ignore, junior doctors’ outstanding concerns.”

Writing in an article for GP Online, BMA deputy chair, Dr Kailash Chand, examines Greater Manchester’s plans to use devolved power to integrate health and social care noting that it can be beneficial to patients but GPs will need time and support to adapt to the changes. Dr Chand writes: “It is essential that the voice of grassroots general practice is heard loud and clear. While a formal representative structure for GPs is helpfully being established in Greater Manchester, the real test will be how effectively the discussions and decisions of that group are informed by the views on the ground – a point I will continue to stress in all our conversations with decision-makers, both locally and nationally.”

Commenting in a number of publications, including the Telegraph, on recent data from the Health and Social Care Information Centre which reveals a rise in the number of NHS managers, BMA council chair, Dr Mark Porter, said: “Many NHS managers do a good job for the NHS in difficult circumstances, but it is surprising that when many areas of the NHS are suffering from unfilled posts and staff shortages, the number of managers is beginning to increase again.”


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