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The Guardian and the Independent are among the publications that report that the new junior doctor’s contract will disproportionately affect women in the profession as BMA council chair, Dr Johann Malawana, called the contract “discriminatory”. The BMA has launched a judicial review looking into the equality of the imposed contract as simultaneously, the Department of Health Equality Impact Assessment has revealed that single mothers will be at a particular disadvantage. Prof Jane Dacre and Clare Marx, the presidents of the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Surgeons, issued a joint statement voicing their concerns that the wording of the equality analysis contradicts the government’s commitment to support women in business. Dr Eleanor Draeger featured on LBC Radio discussing the new contract and its impact on female doctors.

Senior Conservative MP, Dr Sarah Wollaston, has attacked Jeremy Hunt in the Guardian for misrepresenting evidence in the junior doctors dispute as she criticised his “entirely unreasonable” tactics in pursuit of an “unachievable” seven-day NHS. The chair of the commons health select committee also warned that pressing ahead with the next wave of BMA strike action will only “serve to harden attitudes”.

The Daily Mirror reports that at the University of Birmingham, over half of the medical students asked if they would leave the country after graduating due to the new contracts raised their hands. They report that hospital bosses are offering medics extra money for working extra shifts in a bid to plug big rota gaps as BMA council chair, Dr Johann Malawana, said:  “Hospital managers will create rotas knowing there is a gap with no staff to fill it. When doctors turn up they’re given no choice but to make it work, then find themselves covering the jobs of two people.” He added: “It’s immediate blackmail and a very stressful situation that puts patients at risk. There’s no honest discussion with the public”.

In other news, following the government’s own Equality Impact Assessment into the junior doctor’s contract, the director of the World Health Organisation has warned that the new terms and conditions will “contradict UN women’s rights” as he noted the “regressive policies” on Twitter.                                        BMA

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