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A couple of press releases and cuttings I have picked up and an upcoming UCL Education Meeting

UCL Meeting

Seminar            Patient As Paper – Depersonalization in Medicine

Date: Wednesday 4 May 5.30pm

Venue: UCL Art Museum, South Cloisters, UCL, Gower Street WC1E 6BT

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Junior Doctors Industrial Action

This may be pouring gasoline on the Fire but one of my colleagues on UK-CC has brought to our attention the HMG Equality Impact Assessment on the JDR Contract. Please view BMA article.

This may well be an area that the new Consultant Contract m how should I say neutrally, interlinks.


NHS Improvement

I note that Monitor and Trust Development Authority amongst others are now under NHS Improvement

NHSI have recently published a national freedom to speak up whistleblowing policy (I thought were calling it “raising concern”?) which I presume will be the basis of modifying the NMUH document which I think was due for review anyway.

The document

The national document refers to Trade Union Representative role (once) and how students should raise concerns. I personally think the sentence on the student raising concerns should (in NMH case) include the official line of UCL and SGU.

The list of prescribed persons has already been published by the government


I saw this article on GP online regarding Monitor

which refers to the government document

I note what is said of RFH and UCL and Guys/StT no doubt to be discussed at upcoming LNC Fora, Regional Consultants Committee and London Regional Council

Other News picks

Brexit David Owens view

Times article on rent increases

All Info supplied by BMA Comms

Today’s junior doctor industrial action has been widely reported across print and broadcast outlets with a number of celebrities showing their support at picket lines.  The Independent notes that a recent YouGov poll reveals that more of the public support the industrial action rather than oppose it. BBC News online reports that BMA junior doctor committee chair, Dr Johann Malawana, said: “By pursuing its current course, the government risks alienating a generation of doctors. If it continues to ignore junior doctors’ concerns, at a time when their morale is already at rock bottom, doctors may vote with their feet which will clearly affect the long-term future of the NHS and the care it provides.” He added: “Responsibility for industrial action now lies entirely with the government. They must start listening and resume negotiations on a properly funded junior doctors’ contract to protect the future of patient care and the NHS.” Additionally, Dr Malawana was featured on BBC Breakfast and Good Morning Britain where he notes that the industrial action “about ensuring that we have a fair system” and has recorded an interview with Channel 4 which will air tonight.

BMA junior doctor committee deputy co-chair, Dr David Rouse, featured on Radio 4 World at One, BBC News and Radio Five Live discussing the junior doctor’s strike and the impact that the imposed contract will have on patients and doctors. Similarly, BMA junior doctor committee member Dr Jeeves Wijesuriya featured on Sky News discussing the industrial action and implications of the imposed contract.

A number of celebrities including Vanessa Redgrave and the cast of Green Wing, came out in support of the industrial action as they joined BMA Reps on the picket lines.

A new study from the University of Oxford reveals that GP’s mounting workload is reaching “saturation point” as BMA GP committee deputy chair, Dr Richard Vautrey, said:  “This study provides clear evidence which supports what every GP and patient knows: GP practices are working harder than ever before, but are struggling to provide even basic levels of care as they are overwhelmed by unsustainable workload.” Dr Vautrey also featured on Capital FM and BBC Radio York discussing the pressures facing general practice.


A number of publications report on a recent BMA survey which reveals that nine out of ten GP practices are struggling to find locum cover. Commenting on the survey of more than 2,800 practices in England, BMA GP committee chair, Dr Chaand Nagpaul, said: “Increasingly GP practices are facing longer term vacancies because of the recruitment crisis gripping general practice. If a GP locum cannot be found in these situations many practices struggle to offer enough appointments to meet their patients’ needs.” As part of the BMA’s Urgent Prescription for General Practice campaign, the results highlight the increasing demands being placed upon GPs as Dr Chaand notes that “the government needs to begin addressing this crisis and deliver its promised support package for general practice”.

BMA GP committee members, Dr Chaand Nagpaul, Dr Richard Vautrey and Dr Krishna Kasaraneni, featured on a number of broadcast outlets including Channel Five News, Sky News, BBC Radio Five Live and LBC Radio discussing the findings of the BMA survey which reveals that GP practices are struggling to recruit enough locums to keep up with demands as general practice is being placed under increasing pressure.

BMA junior doctor committee deputy co-chair, Dr Ellen McCourt, featured on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour discussing the impact that the imposition of the new junior doctor’s contract would have on female doctors as the Equality and Human Rights Commission issued a warning over the new junior doctor’s contract after the Government’s own equality analysis states that there are “features of the new contract that impact disproportionately on women”.

A number of publications report the junior doctors have mounted a second legal challenge against the government’s decision to impose the junior doctor’s contract in England as they report that the Health Secretary is also facing a legal challenge from the BMA. The controversial contract has been branded “toxic” by NHS staff campaign group Just Health who said it was unsafe for doctors and patients.

BMA online pick n mix

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