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Support for the junior doctors remained strong on the second day of industrial action as the Financial Times reports that NHS England data showed that 42.5 per cent of junior doctors, out of a possible 26,000 working on a typical day, had reported for duty. The figure, which includes doctors providing emergency cover who are not included in the action, reveals no widespread loss of support. BMA junior doctor committee chair, Dr Johann Malawana, featured on the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme and BBC Radio Five Live discussing the junior doctors. A number of regional publications reported on the various events organised by junior doctors across the country including life-saving training and a march in support of the NHS in Newcastle.

BMA GP committee deputy chair, Dr Richard Vautrey, was interviewed on BBC Radio Leeds discussing the implication of contract imposition on the medical profession.

A number of publications report that the government has ruled out fresh talks with the BMA as the BBC reports that Dr Malawana said:  “Any future action is wholly avoidable, but the government must get back around the negotiating table and end this dispute through talks.”

Following the news that the NHS are set to recruit GPs from India to make up for the shortfall of family doctors, a number of publications including the Guardian and the Mail report that BMA GP committee chair, Dr Chaand Nagpaul, said: “It is clearly an admission of failure that the government seems to have launched a new recruitment scheme overseas to plug what is clearly a widening gap in the number of homegrown GPs in our workforce.” He added: “The government’s pledge to recruit 5,000 extra GPs by 2020 is clearly collapsing into chaos.”

Writing the Guardian, Chris Ham remarks that NHS England is facing its biggest crisis in history as he notes that there “needs to be an honest debate about the level of funding required to sustain services and improve care”.

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