This is for Local (a North London Hospital) Consumption

Following the meeting on Monday 11th April 2016 when two members of the staff side BMA Local Negotiating Committee and one member of the JSC Union representative were present the management representative (HR) liaised with their Executive Director and colleagues regarding the discussions and implementation of new car park fees and allocation policy.

Whilst it was stated that the management were “keen that we continue to engage and work together to address the issues you have raised regarding the new arrangements” there  was also the view that management wanted to commence implementing these changes by “May 1st”. Management stated that any additional alterations that unions representatives would be “considered”. The intention would then be, by management, to start writing to all current permit holders at the beginning of May outlining the new fees and inviting re-applications for permits.

HR representatives remain available (diary-permitting) to attend “meetings” to discuss the new arrangements either before or after 1 May . If  “representatives “(sic)  would like the HR rep to attend a meeting that person needs to be forwarded the time and venue details.