Please find a link to a letter that has been sent to medical directors from Sir Bruce Keogh and Mark Porter confirming the contingency plans during periods of industrial action for major and unpredictable circumstances.$File/20160421+NHS+England+and+BMA+letter+to+Trust+MDs.pdf?OpenElement

From BMA Comms

The Metro and the Mail feature a report by the BMA of British Medical students which revealed thateight out of ten are considering a move overseas as a result of the contract dispute. Charlie Bell, the BMA’s medical student committee co-chairman, said: “The imposition of this contract has been immensely damaging to the morale of junior doctors and medical students, and has put the future of the medical workforce at risk. He added: “The fact that such large numbers of medical students are considering abandoning medicine altogether or working outside the NHS in England shows how far ministers have eroded the trust of the future generation of doctors.” Charlie was also interviewed for a number of commercial radio stations and  this morning’s  ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

Following the publication of leaked BMA emails a number of publications report that Dr Malawana said: “Throughout this process the BMA has done everything in its power to end this dispute through talks, including a clear and genuine offer to the Government this week, calling on it to lift the imposition, at which point next week’s action would be called off.” He added: “The crucial message, however, is this; it is not too late to end this dispute and call off next week’s action entirely. For the sake of patients as well as doctors, the Government must listen to concerns from all sides calling on it to lift imposition, sit down with junior doctors and end this dispute through talks.”

The Evening Standard reports that consultants at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, have made a video for social media allaying the public’s fear that there will be no one to care for them during next week’s industrial action.

In other news, the upcoming strike was discussed on BBC Question Time last night. Junior Doctors also staged a protest at the Secret Cinema 28 Days Later event.
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Other BMA information (Compiled by JF)

Dr Mark Porter is commended on the recent analysis of privatisation and the NHS
Speaking as a Pathologist many of you will be aware of Lord Carters recent final report (Feb 2016) and its implications. The full final report of February 2016 report of Lord Carter is at
It states
“Pathology providers are considered productive if the cost of pathology to the trust is less than 1.6% of operating expenditure. Data gathered suggests a two-fold variation in the current cost – from 1.1% to 2.4%”
Please note that the data from Trust 18 (NMUH ~ 1.6%) was in year 2014-15
The “Pathology Joint Venture” in which the NMUH now buys most of its pathology is from the new company HSL. This is 51% owned by The Doctors Laboratory and 49% owned by Royal Free and UCLH.  Details of the Pathology cost as a proportion of Trust turnover for the year 2015-2016 is upcoming information next week.
Further information of HSL can be found at:-