As Deputy Chair of my Trust’s staff side Local Negotiating Committee I would like to add to the “thank yous” that have gone out from my Trust as I am sure there have from many Trusts across England , to everyone involved across the Trust – Doctors Nurses and all the other Healthcare workers, including the management.  It is likely we are going to be relying on their support for quite some time to come.

For those reading this outside of my Trust please relay anything that worked well or didn’t work well to your LNC representative or MSC  or LNC chair.

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Prepare now for indefinite doctors’ strikes, head of NHS warns 

Daily Telegraph 28 April 2016 • 6:19pm

Junior doctors’ strike has become the mother of all deadlocks

The Guardian

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Mark Porters Letter in Jeremy Hunt’s letter (see previous blogs)


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 After two days of strike action by junior doctors came to a close yesterday evening, Dr Johann Malawana wrote to Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt once again asking him to avert strike action by not imposing the contract. This was covered in the Guardian, The Mail. He said: “The level of support junior doctors have received from patients, colleagues and the public over the last two days has been overwhelming.

“There is an understanding that junior doctors have taken this action as a last resort and in the interest of long-term patient care. It is a testament to the hard work of senior doctors and other NHS staff, and excellent planning by trusts, that the NHS has coped well during this action.What happens next is in the government’s hands. It cannot continue to ignore the tens of thousands of junior doctors opposed to this contract and who want to end this dispute through talks. I have written to health secretary calling on him again to lift the imposition, re-enter talks and address junior doctors’ outstanding concerns which are about much more than just pay.”


The Mirror, GP Online and other online news outlets reported on HSCIC data that shows the GP workforce has dropped by 2pc across the country. Dr Richard Vautrey said: ““These figures further expose the crisis in general practice with GPs leaving because of unsustainable workload pressures.

He added: “It is deeply worrying that at a time of rising patient demand, especially from an ageing population, there has been a decrease in the number of GPs and staff focused on delivering patient care. The public is already seeing the impact of this in their local GP practice, with many struggling to provide enough appointments.”

We also commented on the RCP report claiming e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than tobacco. Ram Moorthy told City AM, “E-cigarettes are increasingly being used by current and ex-smokers to help cut down and quit smoking, so regulation should focus on making sure that these devices are safe and effective for those wanting to stop smoking, and ensuring their marketing does not appeal to children and young people.”

Throughout industrial action, we continued to offer broadcast interviews to BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio London, ITV News and Talk Radio.

In other news, children in care are ‘too often denied’ mental health treatment according a report from the Commons Education Committee. He

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