As a new addition to my blog I am going to include “Out and About” as a regular feature of places of interest in the area

Groveland’s Park

If you do not have a car the W9 Bus (which you can catch from Silver Street) goes straight past it.

Today I decided to recycle my almost stale bread by feeding the birds at the large lake at Groveland’s Park. I also took a packet of wild bird seed (£1 a kilo) which the Ducks, Coots and Moorhens appreciated more than the others. The Canada and Egyptian Geese, Mandarin Ducks and Parakeets are migrants that are now an established feature in the park, but they seem to prefare my bread. Today there were also a couple of swans but the cormorants and occasional Heron were not to be seen. I noted the usual propensity of seagulls was unusually absent. My 15 minutes of fame some years back was being on the Today Program on Radio 4 talking about Seagulls attacking Postmen, so I have an affinity to these much maligned birds. The park is next to Groveland House which is now one of the Priory Hospitals which I understand UCL students have the opportunity to attend as part of their psychiatry placements. The Groveland’s Park has tennis courts, a six holes golf course and a café.

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Forty Hall

Forty Hall is up off the A10. The house is now a museum which I have yet to go into. There is a very good café and extensive areas for walking (the ordnance survey map of the area from Bing.com is the best to rely on). The grounds used to hold a Tudor Palace. See-


There is a lake with a resident Heron when I last visited a month or so ago and a very pleasant garden. Needless to say a good place for walking your dog.

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My local recommendations

Best Butcher

A. Puntrello and Sons 8  Westerham Avenue Lower Edmonton London N9 9BU

Second generation Italian butchers. Supplies many local restaurants. Their prices not only beat the supermarkets but are much better quality. Recommendations are beef fillet, veal for escalope, lamb of any type, chicken breast (fantastic) , Italian sausage (fantastic), provolone cheese. Even the minced beef/lamb or pork is great quality.  (now I need to go on a diet)

Best Greens

Ikizler Supermarket 16 Westerham Ave, London N9 9BU

Always open

Best Men’s Hair Cut

Smooth Kuts 28 Westerham Avenue London N9 9BU

Best value barber in the area. Tony gives a great street view of North Mid as well as a good value haircut. As you can see from his wall he has done a lot of marathons for charity. He is all by himself so buy a paper from Costcutters next door to read if there are a few waiting. As he is of good value please tip generously (20% ?).  Particularly good with kids.

 Costcutter 30 Westerham Avenue

My favourite drop by and buy store. The three brothers who run this store are a gem. Milk is the same price as the supermarkets (if you buy the big bottles) and there are always some special offer on. Sadly a couple of weeks ago someone smashed a window and broke in. Please support if you are local or passing by.

Oldy Things

I notice tomorrow there is an Antiques Fair in Ally Pally


Down the road from this there should be the usual Sunday Market.

I have not been there for a while but look out for Wildes Cheese

Brilliant locally made cheese and made only about 400 yards from NMUH , the last time I spoke to them




HP Sauce

Interesting written response to a parliamentary question

Question asked by Norman Lamb (MP North Norfolk). Asked on 20th April 2016 Q34902

To ask the Secretary of State for Health, what estimate his Department has made of the number of junior doctors who work at weekends; and if his Department will provide data on the number of (a) weekends and (b) part weekends worked in each month by junior doctors

Answered by Ben Gummer 28th April 2016

The Department does not routinely collect this information. However NHS Employers conducted a survey of employers in January 2016, which asked what percentage of junior doctors worked 1 in 4 weekends or more frequently. The data returned reflected a snapshot (rather than the last six months).

Based on a response from 14 employers in England, 40% worked more frequently than 1 in 4 Saturdays.

Our manifesto commitment, which was translated into the mandate that shaped the contract negotiation, was for the National Health Service to standardise urgent and emergency care, it is not about elective care. It is true that some hospitals do elective work at weekends. That is part of the trust’s local decision-making and it is right for the hospital to make that decision.


My opinion is surely this clear statement means there is no need to change the consultant contract ??



Always interesting to see what the DoH sends out in money over £25k



North Middlesex Hospital in March received £5 million

14/03/2016 DG: Holding CT Core       Additions NHS Trust Working Capital Loans

It would be nice to know what this covered?

To all readers enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend in ever which way you whish.