The Daily Telegraph gives it view

‘Unforgivable’ failings in end-of-life care revealed: 40,000 dying patients subject to secret ‘do not resuscitate’ orders every year


Caring for the dying

This article in the Guardian was an interesting read from April 17


It is National Walking Month !


What I listened to this weekend

Some of you may know I have a passing interest in the History of Medicine

This BBC series on Radio 4 consists of 30 15 minute narrations. This is Episode 1

Medical Historian Andrew Cunninghan is enlightening on so manyy fronts. I am almost half way through and amongst other things I have learnt is

the origin of the word Vaccination,

after Henry VIII dissolved the Monasteries there were no Hospitals in England for 8 years until St Bartholomews and  St Thomas’s Hospitals were reinstated,

and how bad the Royal Collage of Physicians were in prevent Edenborough  Medics from practicing in London as “General Practitioners”


Other info

Lady Florence and St Clair Bayfield: a romance of imperfect harmony!/

Interestingly the ArtHouse at Crouch End has the film on these evening as a Preview.

This is a small cinema and there are only a dozen seats left as I write.


More or less

Always an interesting program that looks at the statistics

On EU Migration

Brexit Numbers

How Harmful is alcohol

Weekend stroke deaths

Seven day NHS