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Junior Doctor Dispute latest

Jeremy Hunt’s Letter 5th May to ARMC

BMA response to the government’s agreement to re-enter talks with the BMA

Responding to the government’s agreement to re-enter talks with the BMA, Dr Johann Malawana, BMA junior doctor chair, said: 

“Junior doctors have said since the outset that we want to reach a negotiated agreement, and have repeatedly urged the government to re-enter talks.

“As suggested by the Academy, we are keen to restart talks with an open mind. It is critical to find a way forward on all the outstanding issues – which are more than just pay – and hope that a new offer is made that can break the impasse.”


Special representative meeting 3/5/15

BMA Council requisitioned a Special Representative Meeting for the purpose of having a non-motion open debate to discuss the current crisis in the National Health Service, address the problems with doctors’ morale and workload, and define solutions to these problems.

Most impressive venue of Church House next to Westminster Abbey where the Synod meets.

Dr Mark Porter’s speech should be read at

or seen at

Dr Mark Porter

Or snippets

The webcast of Jane Dacre’s speech that got a standing ovation should be seen by those even not in the college she represents.

see Morale and workload


Interesting view on Junior Dr Contract

Not much reflection in the papers today except

Contract enforcement could deepen NHS crisis – Daily Mail

And a piece in the Times that I cannot link to as it is not free

However I will leave a copy of it in the library together with the reports referred to.