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Following news that the British Medical Association and Jeremy Hunt would enter ‘fresh talks’ today, the BMA was mentioned and quoted in several online publications including BBC News Online, Mail Online, ITV News, The Mirror, Huffington Post, Metro, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent and The Guardian.

 Dr Johann Malawana said: “We hope that with both parties back around the negotiating table, real progress can now be made to ending this dispute through talks.”

The BBC is today reporting research from the University of Oxford which shows the government’s claim more patients die in NHS hospitals at weekend was based on flawed data. Responding to this, Dr Mark Porter made a statement. He said: “These academics are the latest in a long line of health professionals and leading experts challenging the Government on its misleading use of figures.”

Dr Porter was also quoted online in The Express, Sky News and other publications in response to a University of Manchester study which showed fewer people die in hospitals at weekends.

Dr Kailash Chand wrote an article for the Mirror Online in response to news Jeremy Hunt became the longest-serving health secretary over the weekend. He wrote: “The only ‘progress’ Hunt has made in the last three and half years is to turn the NHS to NHS plc, increasingly drawing on public funds to line the pockets of wealthy venture capitalists or multinationals.”

Dr Chand also wrote an article in Pulse in response to the Kings Fund report on the pressures on general practice in the UK. He wrote: “It rightly concludes, that despite GPs being at the heart of the health care system, a lack of nationally available, real-time data has made their changing workload largely invisible to commissioners and policymakers.”

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Pause in implementation of junior doctors contract letter sent this morning