I have been quite quiet since returning from the Annual Representatives Meeting in Belfast. And a week is certainly a long time in politics. My two week holiday staycation seems even more so. For those interested me and the brunette stayed at


which has swimming pool , Jacuzzi , sauna , steam room, tennis courts and 18 hole golf club and for the more active an impressive gym. Built on an old WW2 airfield it still has a small airfield where you can learn to fly see http://www.anglianflightcentres.co.uk/

Cheaper rooms are about £60 + £5 for breakfast. The larger suites are at £90 include an extra single bed and are about 40 x 25 ft room .  All the above included except for golf and tennis. Sadly no fridges in the room to keep the fizzy cold.

Vertigo prohibited flying but for those with National Trust and English Heritage membership the area is awash with places:-

Grange Barn, Coggeshall     http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/grange-barn

Paycockes House  http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/paycockes-house-and-garden

Melford Hall   http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/melford-hall?PlaceMapClick=224

Dunwich   http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/dunwich-heath-and-beach?PlaceMapClick=117

And Dunwich Priory

Dunwich Fish & Chips

Dunwich Ship Pub

Dunwich St James Church (includes medieval leper church)


Castle http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/orford-castle/

Nature reserve http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/orford-ness-national-nature-reserve

Best  oysters



Framlingham Castle


Aldeburgh is a lovely place to visit.

We did not stay there but there are a number of web sites of interest





As for BMA News

As a member of UK-CC I will not make any statements regarding the JDr Contract.

I will say on a personal note having heard Johann speak on a number of occasions (the last time at the Italian Medical Society of GB) it is my personal regret that he has stood down as Chair of JDC.

Interesting comment by Cameron when he heard of Brexit. “all politicians end in failure”

I am not sure of the origin of this I heard it was Enoch Powell. Any further info please send to me

I note the T&C that will be imposed on the Junior Doctors can be found at


The implementation time line


The model contract for the “Guardian”



Ellen McCourt has been elected as interim JDC chair. Jeremy Hunt has given an oral statement to parliament on introduction of the contract: https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/jeremy-hunt-updates-parliament-on-junior-doctors-contract

Other Bits from BMA Comms

A large number of national and regional publications including the Mail, Independent, Times, Guardian and Telegraph report on the decision by Jeremy Hunt to impose a new junior doctor contract despite a vote by junior doctors to reject the new offer. The news was also reported across a number of broadcast outlets including BBC One, BBC News Channel, BBC Radio Five Live and LBC Radio.

Following a meeting yesterday, Dr Ellen McCourt was appointed as interim chair of the junior doctors committee. Responding to the government’s decision to push ahead with the introduction of the contract Dr McCourt said: “It is extremely disappointing that the Government is pushing ahead with the introduction of a contract that has been rejected by a majority of junior doctors. Good progress had been made in recent months and I believe agreeing a contract in which junior doctors have confidence is still the best way forward.”

She added: “By choosing this route rather than building on progress made and addressing the outstanding issues which led to a rejection of the contract by many junior doctors, the Government is simply storing up problems for the future. A new contract will affect a generation of doctors and impact on the delivery of patient care. It needs to have the support of the profession, and in light of today’s announcement the BMA will need to consult with members before deciding on next steps. The BMA has always been clear in its desire for a negotiated end to this dispute and I am committed to delivering on this.”

Dr Richard Vautrey featured on BBC Radio Northampton discussing the plan of NHS England to hand over power to CCGs as he notes that it has the potential to bring decision making closer to local areas buts warns that patients need to be confident that managers and GPs are managing their resources effectively.

The Government has announced plans to scrap the flagship GP-record sharing scheme. as GP Online reports that Dr Richard Vautrey said: “Any future arrangements for data sharing must be developed with the profession for the outset.”

BMA online/trade

Hunt says government will impose contract

45 x Regional, Wednesday 06 July 2016, (Dr Johann Malawana)

Hunt imposes new junior doctor contract

Financial Times, Wednesday 06 July 2016, (Dr Ellen McCourt)

Junior doctors divided without future plan

Independent, Wednesday 06 July 2016, (BMA Mention)

Hunt tells junior doctors he will impose

Daily Mail, Wednesday 06 July 2016, (Dr Ellen McCourt)

Government scraps GP data sharing programme

Pulse, Wednesday 06 July 2016, (Dr Richard Vautrey)

Contract will be imposed on juniors

BBC Online, Wednesday 06 July 2016, (Dr Johann Malawana)

Plymouth junior doctors unite against contract

Plymouth Herald, Wednesday 06 July 2016, (BMA Mention)

Hunt reveals government will impose contract

Evening Standard, Wednesday 06 July 2016, (BMA Mention)

Contract to be imposed

Sky News, Wednesday 06 July 2016, (BMA Mention)

Junior doctors and the NHS fight

Guardian, Wednesday 16 July 2016, (Dr Johann Malawana)

Contract will be imposed for October

Telegraph, Wednesday 06 July 2016,

Other news

NHS data-sharing project is scrapped

BBC Online, Wednesday 6th July 2016

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For those of a certain age

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

Is worth a view

Me and the brunette enjoyed the movie in the Crouch End Art House. Well worth going to.