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The BMA welcomes the return of the SoS for health

For immediate release: Thursday 14 July 2016

Commenting on the announcement that Jeremy Hunt will continue in his role as secretary of state for Health, Dr Mark Porter, BMA chair of council, said:

“We remain committed to continuing our work with Mr Hunt on the development of health policies to assure the quality of patient care.

“There are extremely difficult decisions ahead and doctors need to play a central role in shaping the delivery of healthcare. More than ever we need a period of stability and a working environment that encourages partnership and co-operation.

“We also still need to agree a contract for junior doctors in which they have confidence and I urge Mr Hunt to build on the progress that has been made so far to address outstanding issues and regain trust from junior doctors, who are the future of the profession.
“We need a long term strategy that addresses the workload and funding challenges that are overwhelming the NHS. Doctors want to see the secretary of state put the NHS on a sustainable footing for the future, address the serious funding shortfall and ensure we can recruit and retain the right number of doctors that our patients desperately need.”


Pulse reports that GP practices in Essex have cut waiting times by a third by subcontracting telephone consultations to private healthcare providers as one practice reported reduced waiting times of three to two weeks over the past year.  Commenting on this Dr Richard Vautrey said: “Practice should be very careful if they are subcontracting the delivery of essential services to a provider that does not have full access to the patients’ clinical record and should be discussing this with their medical defence organisation.”

Broomfield, Southend and Basildon hospitals only have 12 of the 28 A&E consultants needed to run emergency departments. The Maldon Standard reports that Clare Panniker, chief executive of Basildon, Orsett and Broomfield hospitals and Sue Hardy, chief executive of Southend Hospital, that told members of the South Essex British Medical Association change is needed so they can cope with growing demands on health services.

GP Online reports that a junior doctor has recorded a protest song and music video to raise awareness of junior doctors’ concerns over the new contract set to be imposed on them.

In other news, BBC news online reports that being overweight or obese puts mean at greater risk of dying prematurely than women according to the largest ever study on obesity and death.

BMA online/trade

Junior doctors record protest song over contract imposition

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Irish News, July 13th, 2016


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Wales Online, 14th July 2016

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