The Mail reports that hundreds of patients are receiving organs from donors who previously had cancer. The article quotes comments made by Dr John Chisholm during BMA’s recent ARM, supporting an extension of the opt-out system currently in place in Wales to the rest of the UK.   Dr John Chisholm said: “As a doctor, it is difficult to see your patients dying and suffering when their lives could be saved or dramatically improved by a transplant.” He added: “It is even more difficult when we know that lives are being lost unnecessarily because of poor organisation, lack of funding or because people who are willing to donate organs after their death simply never get around to making their views known.”


A number of regional papers report that hospital waiting times at A&E sites in Worcestershire have missed Government targets with no progress made in an entire year. Commenting on this, Dr Mark Porter said: “These figures are the latest in a spate of reports showing our health service is reaching crisis point from a combination of increasing demand and inadequate resources.” He added: “Huge efforts locally by doctors and other team members are important, but are hampered because the Government does not match the rising demand with sufficient investment.”

The Telegraph reports that the BMA junior doctor committee will ask full council to back a further series of strike action in oppositi to the contract being proposed by the government.

The Oxford Mail reports that delayed discharge and long waits are down at an A&E in Oxfordshire hospitals as more patients are being seen by doctors within four hours. Commenting on this, Dr Mark Porter said: “We can only get to grips with pressure on A&Es if every part of the system, from our GP surgeries to hospitals to community care, is fully supported and working well, and this includes addressing the shortage of A&E staff.”

In other news, BBC online reports that Labour leadership contender Owen Smith will accuse the government of being behind “a secret plan to privatise the NHS” in England in a speech later today.

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 Long waits and bed-blocking slightly down in Oxford

Oxford Mail, Monday 15 August 2016, (Dr Mark Porter)

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Junior doctors threaten “dispute of century”

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Hundreds receive organs of cancer patients amid donor shortage

Daily Mail, Saturday 13 August 2016, (Dr John Chisholm)

May must stand up to the left

Daily Telegraph, Saturday 13 August 2016, (BMA Mention)

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Delays in discharging patients rise 23%

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The Local Negotiating Committee is a committee comprising elected local representatives which meets with local management to negotiate on behalf of medical and dental staff of all grades employed within an organisation. The LNC has the authority to make collective agreements with management for all medical and dental staff directly employed by the employing organisation. It is important to remember that any collective agreement reached between the LNC and management will potentially become an incorporated term into the contracts for these staff. The LNC is accredited by the BMA  and management are formally notified as to who are BMA representatives . To be entitled to time off for trade union duties and activities you must be a member of the BMA.  The LNC oversees local negotiating activity, taking account of national BMA policies and priorities. Representatives from the BMA LNC will  meet separately with the organisation’s senior management in order to negotiate on behalf of medical and dental staff employed within the organisation ( the Joint LNC).

Current members on the staff side LNC are

Sunil Trakru         Consultant Orthopaedic Surg & Chair

John Firth             Cons. Histopathologist  Deputy Chair and acting secretary.

Mohammed Anwar                          AS Orthopaedics

Devesh Sharma                               Consultant A&E

Piyusha Kapila                                 Cons. Paediatrics

A K Ray                                                Clinical Oncologist

Gopakumar Sudhir                          Consultant Anaesthetist

David Stoker                                     Consultant Surgeon

Hawa Petkar                                     Consultant Microbiologist

Penny Hyatt                                      as MSC Chair

Rosemary Stanley McKenzie        BMA Industrial Relations Officer

Nicola West                                       Junior Dr rep

Toby   Stevens                                 Junior Doctor Representative


These members are elected by the Medical Staff and Junior Doctors Committee and must stand down or seek re-election every three years. The officers of the committee are elected from within the committee. LNC  holds regular meetings with management (the Joint LNC) . This is where most of the business is conducted and agreements are reached.  This is known as a Joint LNC meeting (the name may vary).

Full details are in the handbook


 New Medical Management Arrangements (MD DMD AMD )

It was agreed that the term for meeting of Clinical Directors (CDs) would be a “CD Collection” (oops my joke but it got a laugh !)

An “Acting down” policy for senior Doctors (ongoing)

Annual Study and Professional Leave for Doctors (ongoing)

An update of the Car Parking Policy (due next week ?)

Job planning (update)

NHS Job Advertisement for Consultants

(variation on the current agreement were accepted as inaccurate)

An updated CEA policy  (ongoing)


BMA Upcoming events

 September 14th         BMA Regional Council Annual Business Meeting

Open to all London BMA members. The officers will be elected at this meeting. Dr Firth is on the Executive as representative of the North Thames Regional Consultants Committee

September 21st

Dr Firth will attend the North East London Regional Consultants Committee as elected representative of the NMUH Medical Staff Committee and LNC

As well as attending the North Thames LNC Fora of which JF is co-chair.

October 6th

UK-Consultants Committee will be attended by three representative of the North East London Regional Consultants Committee.

This is quite an important meeting as the “New Variation of the Consultant Contract” is likely to be discussed again.

If I remain one of three representatives from the NELondon RCC I will feed back through this blog to all constituents.

Additional information

The guidance from CCSC Policy committee on regional  & local committees (2007, web document dated 2012) is at

 Junior Doctors Issues

 As most of you are aware the Junior Doctors Committee have called for fresh strikes. This is to be considered by BMA Council

With the imposition of the Junior Doctor’s contract some aspects of the contract have been accepted. In particular the position of the Junior Doctors Guardian and an increased involvement of Educational Supervisors.

For those who have not read the JDr Contract page-2-page can I point out a number of passages relevant to the Local Negotiating Committee and the Junior Doctors Forum at NMUH. (my italics)

Each Guardian and Director of Medical Education shall jointly establish a Junior Doctors Forum (or fora) to advise them. This shall include junior doctor colleagues from the organisation and must include the relevant junior doctor representatives from the LNC (or equivalent) as well as the Chair of the LNC. Doctors on the fora will be elected from amongst the trainees. Where the guardian for safe working covers specialties that are small or have specific employment include representatives of these groups. The group shall also include relevant educational and HR colleagues as agreed with the group. The junior doctors’ forum or a sub-group it establishes will take part in the scrutiny of the distribution of income drawn from fines.”

The employer will agree with the LNC local processes for the doctor to inform an NHS staff bank of their intention to carry out such (locum)  work.”

 “Records of such (opting out EWT) agreements must be kept and be made available to relevant recognised unions and appropriate regulators on request.”

“Where the (junior)  doctor is appealing a decision previously taken by the guardian of safe working hours, the hearing panel will include a representative from the BMA or other recognised trade union nominated from outside the employer/host organisation, and provided by the trade union within one calendar month.”

“There will be a system of performance management which will include the opportunity for representatives of the doctors in training to contribute to the assessment, for example, through a system of 360° appraisal. Where there are concerns regarding the performance of the guardian, the BMA or other recognised trade union, or the Junior Doctors Forum should raise those concerns with the Trust Medical Director or the relevant director with responsibility for managing the guardian. These concerns can be escalated to the senior independent director on the Board of Directors where they are not properly addressed or resolved.”

 The increase responsibilities of Education Supervisors is an area that I am personally interested in but I will leave that to another blog once I get more info from UK-CC

 I would ask that those Consultants not currently represented in their specialty on the NMUH Local Negotiating Committee to consider discussing with Sunil (Chair) or any other member of the LNC to put themselves forward for election. In the next few months there maybe up to three vacancies. I personally think our LNC should reflect in addition to JDr and SAS reps, the balance of NMUH Consultants in terms of specialty, ethnicity and gender.

Please contact any of the LNC members in the first place by e-mail

And finally

The beginning of autumn brings a new cycle of various BMA committees as I mentioned above.

To give a brief resume

As a BMA member and a Doctor in London you can contribute to the  BMA Division (based on your BMJ address) and London Regional Council

where members can stand for election to the BMA London Regional Council Exec.

The NMUH MSC elects at least one member (just me at the mo – should be two) to the North East London Regional Consultants Committee (NELRCC) which meets 4x a year on a Wednesdays at 5 pm in BMA House. Through membership of the NELRCC you may be one of three representatives of this committee on the UK-Consultants Committee. It is expected that NELRCC members should try to attwnd the annual Consultants Committee in March each year. Alternative ways to UK-CC is through election at Annual Representatives Committee (ARM). This is more time consuming and less predictable for newbys.

Representation at the next Annual Representatives Meeting in Bournemouth (June 2017)  can be through a number of ways. Speak to me for more details.


Dr John Firth FRCPath

as Deputy Chair NMUH LNC

MSC Rep NELRCC . NELRCC Rep Uk-Consultants Committee

Co-Chair North London LNC Fora

NTRCC Rep London Regional Council Exec

UK-CC Rep International Committee


 This Newsletter is sent to a wider audience for them to adapt for their constituents and can be adapted as a newsletter in their own words without attribution