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This evening I attended the BMA London Regional Councils Annual Business Meeting at BMA House. Off the top of my head about 60 BMA members  present. Members were elected to the executive (I have not got the names yet but will add in a few days) and this year the Chair , Secretary and Deputy Chair were elected for 3 years. Gary Marlowe, Jackie Applebee and Anne Athow were re-elected for 3 years as Chair , Secretary and Deputy Chair respectively.

I am currently the representative on the LRC-Exec of both NW & NE London Regional Consultants Committee which is reviewed annually at each Committee (next week) . Any member of NW or NE London RCC can put themselves forward to be North Thames RCC rep on LRC..

The evening consisted of presentations from the following putting forward the benefits or not of “Devo Capital”


Dr Marc Rowland                   Chair London CCG Council

Dr Yvonne Doyle                    Director PHE London

Dr Nabihah Sachedina          Director of London Health and Care

Dr Michelle Drage                     CEO London wide LMC

Dr Anna Athow             Replacing Alison Pollock as speaker


So how can I summarize the above speakers and the discussion from the floor after the speeches

 Referring to my notes I have the following in no particular order :-

Devolution        Integration         Collaboration

Devolution will not work without collaboration and integration

Systems talk to people

Get the systems to work

What are the barriers in the system

9% of London Taxes go back to Londoners

London is very complex

London has 8.2 million people rising to 10 million

London “is not a happy population

England is highly centralised.

Devolution was an idea of George Osbourne (where is he now).

London is the only City with a position of Mayor of longstanding.

Manchester area has only 2.75 million in Devo Manx

London Specialist Units , some are good , some not so good.

Pan London Devo is too difficult

Fried Chicken is bad for kids – so why so many Chicken Take aways.

Too many fat kids in London by the age of 11.

London is diverse compared to the rest of the country

London is mobile and tolerant

Migration is not an issue in London compared to the rest of the UK

Sexual healthcare in London is a major issue.

Would Devo Capital Help

Children in London do not have the best start off in life.

Integration of healthcare with prevention of health issues.

Decisions need to be taken with the resources we have

Better Health Four London – I will get the link !

Opportunities in Estates (this worried me a bit !!)

The Five Year Forward Plan will result in the demise of the DGH


After this there was discussion from the floor including the following.

Funding of the NHS compared to comparative economies

The need for more money for the NHS

Threats of privatization


The following is information relevant to the discussion


London Health and Care Devolution Programme

The London Health and Care Devolution Programme Board – as a group – provides guidance on the leadership, oversight, direction and delivery of all the aspects of the London health and care programme.

Their Terms of Reference can be found at


The Board members of London Partners are

Those in Italics attended the BMA meeting as speakers

London local authorities:

  • Will Tuckley –  Chief Executive, London Borough of Tower Hamlets and CELC Health Lead (Chair)
  • John O’Brien – Chief Executive, London Councils

London CCGs:

  • Dr Marc Rowland – Chair, Lewisham CCG and London Clinical Commissioning Councils


  • Andrew Eyres – Chair, London CCG Chief Officers Group

NHS England London Region:

  • Dr Anne Rainsberry – Regional Director
  • David Slegg – Regional Finance Director

Greater London Authority:

  • Jeff Jacobs – Head of Paid Service
  • Amanda Coyle – Director, Health and Communities

Public Health England London Region:

  • Dr Yvonne Doyle – Regional Director


  • Dr Marilena Korkodilos – Deputy Regional Director

Invited national partners:

  • NHS Improvement: Mark Turner and Andrew Hines – Joint Acting Executive Regional Managing Directors (London)
  • NHS England: Sam Higginson – Director of Strategic Finance
  • Public Health England: Richard Gleave – Deputy Chief Executive
  • Department of Health: Sam Lister – Director of Communications
  • HM Treasury: Paul Doyle – Deputy Director
  • Other central government partners as appropriate

Other attendees:

  • Healthy London Partnership: Shaun Danielli – Programme Director

The London Health and Care Devolution Programme team consists of:-

  • Dr Nabihah Sachedina, Director


  • Charlotte Harpin, Lawyer (seconded)
  • Helen Beazer, Programme Manager
  • Una Carney, Senior Communications Lead
  • Monica Pabualan, Communications and Engagement Manager


As discussed at the meeting held at BMA House 14/09/16 there are a number of Pilot leads and an Estates Sub Group

In Haringey

  • Senior Responsible Officers: Jeanelle de Gruchy, Director of Public Health, London Borough of Haringey
  • Programme Lead: Clare Askew, Project Manager, Public Health Devolution Pilot, London Borough of Haringey

In Hackney

  • Senior Responsible Officers: Tim Shields, Chief Executive, London Borough of Hackney, and Tracey Fletcher, Chief Executive for Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Programme Lead: Daniel Waldron, Director Organisation Transformation, Homerton University Hospital

In Lewisham

  • Senior Responsible Officers: Aileen Buckton, Executive Director for Community Services, Lewisham, and Martin Wilkinson, Chief Officer, Lewisham CCG
  • Programme Lead: Sarah Wainer, Whole System Model of Care, Lewisham CCG

In Barking & Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge

  • Senior Responsible Officers: Cheryl Coppell and Conor Burke, Chief Officer, Barking & Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge CCGs
  • Programme Lead: Jane Gateley, Director of Strategic Delivery, Barking & Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge CCGs

In North Central London (Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington)

  • Senior Responsible Officers: Dawn Wakeling, Director of Adult Social Services, London Borough of Barnet, and Cathy Gritzner, Accountable Officer, NHS Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group

Estates subgroup

  • Independent Chair, Geoff Alltimes


For more information contact:



London Health Board’s Terms of Reference


London health devolution agreement


London Heath Devolutionary Programme


London Health and Care Collaboration Agreement

North Central London STP June 2016

North Central London STP September 2016