As I promised below is a summary of the specimens discussed in todays Urological Surgical Pathology Demonstration for 6th Year UCL and SGU students

Renal Cell Carcinoma  (solid yellow macro, histology clear cell due to presence of glycogen which is PAS positive but PAS.D negative. D=Spit!)

Renal Oncocytoma – very large brown tumour with central scar often seen radiologically. Look up Oncocytoma. Very eosinophilic cytoplasm due to mitochondria ++

Origin of the word Eos is in mythology.  Princess of the Dawn with pink fingers (Google it) opened the gates of heaven for the God of the Sun to travel across the sky

Transitional Cell Carcinoma (Urothelial Carcinoma) Renal Pelvis (often mutifocal)

Bladder Cancer (discussed small cystoscopic biopsies pTa non invasive, large tumour example shown TCC other Carcinomas Adenocarcinoma and SCC rare, latter associated world wide with Sch. Haematobium

Suprapubic prostatectomy for Nodular Hyperplasia.

Normal testis with paratesticular  Liopsarcoma (extremely rare)

Compared to Testicular Torsion – dusky appearance typical of ischaemia.

Next Thirsday is an O&G Tutorial aimed at UCL 5th year and any SGU or other students who have not previously attended.

I will teach again in the PM room on October 13th on Testicular Tumours.