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GP practices in Dorset are reaching crisis point as, working with BMA, the Bournemouth Echo and Dorset Echo report that GP shortages in the area are leading to surgeries facing closure and services being stretched to “breaking point”. A BMA survey from earlier this year revealed that more than 300 GP practices in England, including 30 across southern England, were facing closure in the near future. A BMA spokesperson said: “General practice is buckling from a combination of rising patient demand, falling resources and staff shortages. This is leaving many practices in areas like Dorset stretched to breaking point and struggling to deliver even basic services to the public, such as enough appointments.”

The Telegraph reports that on Monday, the Health Secretary will face a judicial review in the High Court over the imposition of the junior doctor contract.

In other news, the Guardian reports that Stephen Hawking, Robert Winston and a number of senior doctors and scientists are urging Theresa May to hold an inquiry into Jeremy Hunt’s claim that 11,000 patient deaths a year are caused by a lack of medics on duty in hospitals at weekends.
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