The staff side Local Negotiating Committee took place on 9th September.

Those present included the following

Sunil Trakru                                        Chair

John Firth                                           Cons. Histopathologist (DCh & Sec)

Rosemary Stanley McKenzie          BMA IRO

Hawa Petkar                                      Consultant Microbiologist

Penny Hyatt                                        MSC Chair

A K Ray                                              Clinical Oncologist

Piyusha Kapila                                  Cons. Paediatrics

Mohammed Anwar                           AS Orthopaedics

Nicola West                                       Junior Doctor Rep

The following items were discussed

  1. Due to David Stocker stepping down from the LNC amd Penny Hyatt’s pending stepping down as MSC Chair there will be number of vacancies to be filled.. Any NMH Consultant or SAS interested in this should contact Penny or Sunil.
  2. With Nick Nabarro leaving in August at leas one Junior Doctor rep is sought for the sLNC. Contact Nicky West if interested.
  3. A days training for sLNC members is being organised in the near future at BMA House.
  4. Whilst mandatory training for FY1 Doctors is partly included in induction there is insufficient time in induction for FY2 + positions. This has been brought to the attention of the Joint LNC.
  5. The Constitution of the Joint LNC has been agreed but not yet “signed”
  6. A  number of issues discussed at the Joint LNC on August 11th were discussed
    1. The Tarriff for Educational Supervisors should remain at 0.25 SPA per trainee as stated in the online document
    2. Recent Consultant Job adverts at NMUH had inaccuracies that was accepted by management as “an error”. For 10 PA contracts the 2.5 SPA should normally be 1 SPA Quality  and Service 1.5 SPA Teaching Audit Appraisal etc.
    3. The Annual Leave Policy, Study and Professional Leave  and Acting Down polices have yet to be agreed
    4. A new CEA policy has been present for consideration by sLNC
    5. The current state of the National Consultant Contract Negotiations were discussed. There are up coming meetings in which it is hoped the final offer will be seen after this there will be road shows prior to a referendendum by Consultants and some Junior Doctors.
    6. It was noted that Whittington Health will be taking over the running of Dermatology at NMUH, probably on January 17th 2017.
    7. The new management changes at NMUH were noted for the record.
    8. Junior Doctors Issues were discussed including the following
      1. `Moral
      2. Upcoming Industrial Action
      3. Need for more Junior reps
      4. The position of the Guardian
      5. The need for a Junior Doctor’s Forum to be reinstated

The next Joint LNC at NMH is on Thursday 13th October 2016

I will be attending the following in due course which I will blog on

North London LNC Fora   21st September

North East London Regional Consultants Committee 21st September

UK Consultants Committee (October 6)



The Mirror and a large number of regional publications report that junior doctors go to the High Court today to launch a legal challenge against Jeremy Hunt over the imposition of the junior doctor contract. They report that this comes after junior doctors rejected the latest contract offer put to a referendum by the British Medical Association in June.

A large number of regional publications report on Doctaly, a new service which allows patients to pay for same day appointments as BMA GP committee member, Dr Jackie Applebee, noted that this could be a “slippery slore towards privatisation”. Commenting on the plans to roll out the service nationally, Dr Richard Vautrey, said: “Patients want and deserve a properly-funded NHS GP service, based on the registered list, so they can get appropriate timely access to their local GP and that practices have the resources and capacity to offer this.” He added: “While patients can access and pay for private GPs or consultants, the risk is a more fragmented service and patients having remote consultations with doctors they don’t know and who won’t have full access to their NHS medical record.”

The Sunday Times and the Mail report that a number of junior doctors are working with managers ahead of the new contract being introduced.

In other news, the Guardian reports that a recent study of the South London and Maudsley NHS trust reveals that there is no evidence of a weekend effect in psychiatric hospitals as the report found that mental health patients admitted to hospital on a Saturday or Sunday are no more likely to die than those who arrive on a weekday.


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