Today I spent the day at BMA House for the first UK Consultant Committee meeting of the 2016-17 Session as one of three representatives of North East London Regional Consultants Committee. I will blog about this as best I can in the next day or two.

The first item however has immediacy in that the last day of personal responses is 7th October.

GMC Consultation on the Medical Register

The GMC plans to revamp medical register allowing doctors to add extra information about their practice to their published profiles. Items that could be added voluntarily, including higher qualifications, scope of practice, declaration of competing professional interests, languages spoken, practice location and a photograph.

Two categories of information are envisaged

– details that the register already required by law

– a second ‘tier’ of information could be voluntarily supplied.

Respondents are invited to say whether various types of information should be included and, if so, whether they should be in the first or second tier. BMA council chair Mark Porter said: ‘The GMC would need to be very careful not to infringe the privacy and confidentiality to which doctors are entitled.’

The BMA’s response counts only as 1 response so the more Consultants respond as individuals the better. The link is the following to respond.

This Consultation ends 7/10/16

Above info in full detail can be found on the BMA website

The GMC info link is


Home Office Consultation

The Home Office and Department for Education are seeking views on the possible introduction, in cases of abuse and neglect, of either a mandatory duty to report or a duty to take appropriate action. The duty would apply if a doctor (amongst others) knows or has reasonable cause to suspect abuse or neglect. They are also seeking views on whether any new statutory measures should extend to adults.  The consultation documentation can be found at

International and European info

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This is affiliated to by the BMA and is attended from the BMA by a member of the Senior Executive


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Upcoming free lecture

UCL Lancet Lecture 2016

UCL Corporate Events London

Wednesday, 16 November 2016 from 17:00 to 20:00 (GMT)

London, United Kingdom

Action on climate change for a healthier world – putting the Paris Agreement into practice

Ms Cristiana Figueres

Local Matters

North Middlesex University Hospital Library Committee 4th October 2016

The NMUH Committee of the Ferriman Library was reformed on October 4th after a gap of over a year. The committee is a standing committee of the Workforce , Education and Training Committee whose purpose is to ensure the Library and Information services support education , training, research etc for all library members and that these services meet standards included in the educational contracts.  The libraries Terms of Reference needed to be altered and changes submitted to the WE&T Committee. The Chair and Deputy Chair of the library committee were elected.(John Firth and Jackie Dudley respectively). As the new Library Services Manager, John Clarke, advises members of the committee of challenges and development. The latter included The Annual Report of the Library, the 2016 Library Service Users Survey and the impending rebuilding of the library and Education Centre. The Annual report needs a review of some of the data prior to submission to other interested parties. During the building work the library will have to be temporarily relocated. The floor plan of the new library was discussed and additional equipment for consideration was considered. The Library’s name – The Ferriman Library – the committee agreed should be maintained. The committee will meet three times a year (Autumn, Spring and Summer)


The BMA has said the NHS could only benefit from widening its overseas talent pool as the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) revealed one in five nurses recruited last year in England were EU nationals. The news, reported by the Press Association, featured in over 103 regional and local news websites.

Chair of council Mark Porter said: “The UK has grown to rely on health care workers from the EU who play a vital role in the effective functioning of our NHS. By widening our talent pool, the NHS can only benefit from the wealth of knowledge and expertise that is gained from recruiting doctors from overseas.

Dr Porter added: “With unprecedented staff shortages and a recent BMA study revealing that almost half of doctors were planning to move abroad to work, the Government should be focusing on creating a health service that supports and nurtures both those wishing to apply to work in the UK and those already here.”

Dr Chaand Nagpaul’s comments on new figures showing CCG underspending could mean GPs lose vital funding were further reported in local news such as Swindon Advertiser.

Dr Nagpaul said: “General practice is at breaking point. Many local GP surgeries are struggling to provide even basic care to their patients as they face a climate of shrinking budgets, staff shortages and rising workload.”

BMA online/trade

Nursing leaders warn the NHS will not cope without overseas staff

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Swindon Advertiser, Thursday 6 October 2016, (Dr Chaand Nagpaul)

“My love for the NHS is being drained away”  – Medical students slam Hunt’s plan to fine doctors who move abroad
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The thorny issues of NHS re-compensation and strike action

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