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NMH Post Graduate Faculty Meeting

The autumnal meeting of the NMUH Post Graduate Faculty Meeting took place today chaired by our PGDME. The attendance was very good  and only a couple had to send in Departmental reports due to absence. It was good to see a Foundation Year representative present. Is it me or does 1.5 hours never seems enough time to cover so much.Items discussed or referred to included the inspections by the Care Quality Commission and Health Education England North Central & East London HENCEL), Foundation Year Doctors, Trainee Doctors. The HENCEL visit included an Action plan on 96 points.  A more recent visits to ED was more favorable   in that there is  improvement in Paediatric Access, an upscaling of Educational Supervisors and better training/teaching/supervision. ED Rotas still appear to be a 1’2 weekend. FY Junior Doctors have said that induction was a bit overwhelming The loss of Anaesthetic Trainees several years ago is an area being re-looked at. It was noted that some Non Trainee Anaesthetist had got onto the training program elsewhere.

There are about eight Trust grade Doctors at NMUH. It was noted that the terms and conditions of service for trust Grade Doctors do not fit with the Junior Dr Trainee TC&S. There is a Pan London group adapting a set of new TCS and contract for this group though it was accepted this would need local (Local Negotiating Committee) agreement. A Pan London Lead for London Middle Grade Trust Doctors has been appointed. (name not mentioned). There was a discussion that at NMUH the Trust Doctors should have a Faculty Forum. It was noted that these Doctors needed support in revalidation. Informal meeting are taking place between PGMDE from NMH, Chase-Barnet and Royal Free. There was a discussion of lengthening the induction for FY to a week to include more than the current 1.5 days on ward experience. The impending temporary relocation of the Academic Centre and Medical Library over the next few months was discussed.

GMC Trainee survey was discussed. It was noted a lot of red in “Access to Education resources”. This seemed to me  a bit implausible, but a number of action points on this are likely to ensue. Brief reports were given by Surgery, Paediatrics, ED, Histopathology, Orthopaedics. The function of Local Faculty Groups was mentioned.

Regarding the new JDr contract Dr Dhruv Rastogi has been appointed Guardian of Safe working.An electronic reporting system for exception reporting DRS4 provided by Skills for Health became live last week.  Some time was spent on the added responsibility of Educational Supervisors with the implementation of  the new Junior Doctors Contract, the staging of which was tabulated. I have referred to this in a previous blog.

From the handout given by HR I note the following points:

  • The doctors responsible for the rota management will be invited to work with HR in designing new rota patterns
  • The LNC will be updated on progress
  • Training for exception reporting for educational supervisors and Junior Doctors will commence in November
  • Generic work schedules are required for all posts by grade
  • DME and Educational Supervisors to complete generic template
  • The public sector equality duty has been sent to LNC Chair and JDr Reps for comment.



This was the first meeting of the 2016-17 session and my third term as one of three Consultants representing the North East London Regional Consultants Committee. The committee’s purpose is to consider and act in matters affecting those who are engaged in consultant practice, or whose posts require their names to be on the Specialist Register, including matters arising under the National Health Service Acts or any Acts amending or consolidating the same and to watch the interests of all consultant medical staff in relation to those Acts.

The role of the 50 or so representatives present is to represent to the best of their ability the views and best interests of the consultant body; to actively engage in the business of the Committee; to participate in the decision-making process and to facilitate communication between the Consultants Committee and consultants.

Items discussed , passed or received

  • co-opting Andrew Rowland to the committee for the 2016-17 session allowing him to complete his 3rd year as UEMS representative from UK-CC
  • Written report from the Scottish,  Northern Ireland  and Welsh Consultants Committees
  • An update from the chair Keith Brent
  • Update on Clinical Excellence Awards in England and Northern Ireland
  • Received the report on “Justice for Health” judicial review relating to the imposition of the junior doctors contract that was lost and discussed the implications
  • An update from the Junior Doctors Committee on recent developments with the juniors industrial action was given by Ellen McCourt
  • An update on the guardian of safe working role was given by Eleanor Draeger.
  • Received a paper summarising the NHS England proposals on conflict of interest and a report from the chair Keith Brent.
  • UK –CC received an update on consultant contract negotiations from Rob Harwood and consider the next steps for the contract.

These notes are brief due to the confidential nature of much of the discussions.

Useful links

Job Planning

Judicial review

NHS England’s public consultation on conflicts of interest in the NHS

Sustainability and Transformation Plans

North Central London STP Case for Change (September 2016) can be found at

This document can also be found in the NMUH Trust Board documents for September 29th


STP – an NHS friend or Foe?

31 October 2016 from 7pm, City Hall, GLA.

18:30                    Registration & Refreshments
19:00                    Welcome – Dr Gary Marlowe, Chair, BMA London Regional Council & Dr Onkar Sahota
19:15                    Opening remarks from Keynote speaker
19:30                    Speakers will present on the STPs in London, the benefits of STPs, How they will work, Workforce challenges and the good and bad reasons for this approach.
20:20                    Panel Question & Answer session
21:00                    closing remarks

To book a place to attend please use this link:

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BMA info

NHS England has published a framework document describing the PACS (primary and acute care systems) new care model in more detail.

The PACS model is a population-based accountable care model, incorporating most hospital based care, primary care, as well as community, mental health and social care services. It therefore has the potential to affect doctors working in almost all branches of practice



The BMA responded to a new study which claims that two in five people would avoid seeing their GP if they had to describe their medical complaint to a receptionist. Commenting on the results, GPC deputy chair Richard Vautrey said: “All receptionists receive training to help ensure that when a patient calls they are given the most effective advice about what appointment they may need, but it is always made clear that are under no obligation to disclose information they are not comfortable with. Dr Vautrey added: “Like all parts of general practice, GP receptionists are doing a difficult job in a climate of staff shortages, falling funding and rising demand.

“The BMA has successfully lobbied for more funding to be invested in receptionist training as part of the recently announced GP Forward View. This needs to be implemented rapidly, as does the rest of the promised funding to deliver the extra GPs and resources that practices badly need in order to deliver effective care to the public.”

Dr Vautrey also appeared this morning on BBC Radio Humberside to speak about a local GP practice at risk of closure, and about difficulties GPs have accessing the Vulnerable Practices.

To mark World Obesity Day, the Obesity Health Alliance, of which the BMA is a member, published figures highlighting the “weight gap” between the poorest and wealthiest primary-school aged boys living in England.

BMA online/trade

 Obesity set to rise for boys, but not girls, from poorer homes
The Guardian, Tuesday 11 October 2016, (Obesity Health Alliance)

 Health crisis as 1.6m children start secondary school overweight
PA/Mail Online, Tuesday 11 October 2016, (Obesity Health Alliance)

 Receptionists ‘putting people off visiting GP’ by asking to discuss symptoms
Huffington Post, Tuesday 11 October 2016, (Dr Richard Vautrey)

 Pregnant women could be forced to show PASSPORTS before giving birth at hospitals as part of clampdown on ‘health tourism’
Mail Online, Tuesday 11 October 2016, (BMA mention)

NHS told to scrap weekly exercise target for obese Brits as it’s “too daunting”

The Sun, Tuesday 11 October 2016, (Obesity Health Alliance)

 Fear of being grilled by GPs’ receptionists keeps patients away

The Daily Telegraph, Tuesday 11 October 2016, (Dr Richard Vautrey)

 Train GP receptionists to deal more sensitively with patients
99 x regional/ PA, Tuesday 11 October 2016, (Dr Richard Vautrey)


Upcoming Lectures and Meetings of varying interest

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM (BST)

Finding Patients in the Medical Museum – Poynter Lecture 2016

Organized by British Society for the History of Medicine

Wellcome Collection Conference Centre
183 Euston Road
NW1 2BE London
United Kingdom
Tuesday, October 18th 2016 from 13.00 -14.00pm
Andrew Cottington – Director London Ambulance Service
Cardiac Resuscitation.

BMA Division Meeting
North Middlesex hospital, West Rotunda Wing, First floor seminar room

Tuesday, 25 October 2016 from 16:00 to 18:30 (BST)

UCLP Leadership evening

UCLPartners Boardroom
3rd Floor
170 Tottenham Court Road
W1T 7HA London
United Kingdom


Upcoming BMA Activities

Thursday 13th October Staff side NMUH LNC followed by Joint LNC

Wednesday 26th October BMA Forensic Medicine Committee

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Interesting CPD info

 Highlights of the Updated European Dyslipidemia Guidelines Guy G. De Backer, MD, PhD

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