The aim of the short talk was to introduce the Pathology Department giving the times of tutorials, where we are and other information including information about the area

The macro tutorial on O&G Surgical Pathology will take place in the PM room on November 11th at 12pm

Dr Gillibrand give a tutorial each Tuesday for the final year students in the Pathology Seminar Room  (PSR)  which you can attend

O&G MDT occur each Monday at 1pm in the PSR

In advance of the final year consider

Other useful info


Extracurricular activities

Southend (nearest beach)


Millfield Art Centre  Silver Street, bar restaurant and venue

Pubs – The Bell     Gilpin’s Bell   Whitewebb House

Shops  –

  • Bridport Road (24/7)
  • Lidl  Fore Street
  • Yassar Halim Supermarket (great for Bread Olives vegetable)
  • Asda Edmonton Green
  • Sunday Market Alexander Palace. (very good Tottenham made Cheese can be bought here)

Swimming Pools at Edmonton Green and  next to A10 cinema

Cinemas  A10 and  lee Valley Centre

Walking         Epping Forest , Trent Park , Forty Hall

Lea Valley Country Park (Train station Cheshunt)

North of Waltham Abbey

Sailing           Lea Valley Country Park (Train station Cheshunt)

Cycling          Lea Valley (hiring also at White Water)

Adventure     White Water

Historical      Waltham Abbey       Gunpowder Mills

Antiques        Alexander Palace 4th December