I attended the North Thames Local Negotiating Committee (LNC) Fora on behalf of NMUH LNC and attended  the North East London Regional Consultants’ Committee on behalf of NMUH Medical Staff Committee at BMA House. Representatives were present between the two meetings from the following Trusts NMUH , NELondon FT, Chelsea and Westminster, Whittington , Homerton, Whipps Cross , GOSH and a Junior Doctor Committee Representative. Two  BMA industrial relations officers were present. The first meeting discusses LNC matters across the whole of North London whilst the second meeting focuses on the North East London Trusts concerning Consultant matters. The two meetings had a degree of overlap so I am fusing my report into one. A proportion of the discussion are deemed confidential so these are not minutes but give a flavor of what was discussed. The true minutes will be agreed next time. The following matters were discussed

Junior Doctors Dispute and JDr Issues

There is some difficulty to find guidance for the role of the Guardian for safe working and guidance for Educational Supervisors for their in their involvement with exception reports. The Junior Doctors’ Committee is addressing this issue . There will be guidance sent out soon with flow charts etc . NHSE are producing guidance but these need to be robust and tested. here has been a freedom of information request for all trust on what aspects of the contract is in place. BMA Guidance will be issued by December 7th. In comparison to monitoring “exception events” will not be anonymous and there may be a fear of victimisation of Junior Doctors which need to be prevented. The equality impact assessment has not been seen in all Trusts. Some Trusts have significant gaps in Junior Doctor rotas. Junior Doctors appear are not willing to engage since the end of the industrial action. “They get their CCT then go.”

Sustainability and Transformation Plans

Major concerns were voiced on STP’s and lack of engagement at local level. The big question is what will drive them for health care delivery. In the North East London STP area there is a planned decrease of 600 down to 400 GPs compensated by an increase in Physicians Assistance. It was suggested that STPs should be an item on all LNC agendas.

A  number of meetings have been organised concerning London STP’s.

NE  London STP                   Whipps Cross                      28/11/16

NW London STP                  West Middlesex                  6/12/16

NC  London  STP                  BMA House                          5/12/16

SW London STP                   ? venue                                  8/2//16

Individual Trust News

There were discussions on information supplied by representatives of various Trusts.

  • Appointment of Guardian of Safe Working and how many PAs attached to the job. Trialing of exception reporting software in a number of Trusts is occurring.
  • The guardian is also looking after non trainee junior doctors in some Trusts.
  • Details of Turnaround teams appointed in some Trusts
  • Which Trusts have ongoing local CEA awards, which ones don’t and which ones have missed a round. For the latter there was discussion of what happens to the money not used in a missed round.
  • Mentoring scheme for consultants not achieving CEA awards occur in some Trusts. Ring fencing of CEA awards for small hospitals in a larger group of hospitals is occuring.
  • Implementation of new study leave policies and study leave budget is an ongoing in a number of Trusts.
  • Some concerns over LNC members leaving but not being replaced.
  • BMA national membership is around 160000.


Update on consultant contract

Consultants Contract Update will take place at the UK-CC meeting December 1st . Some negotiations are still ongoing.

Date of next meetings – 22nd February 2017