Breaking Down the Barriers

Breaking down the Barriers was an inaugural meeting at the RCofO&G that I attended 19th January organised by Health Education England and UCLP Partners. It consisted of a series of talks promoting health awareness education and training linked to the BDtB programme.

The programme aims to support the NHS workforce and multidisciplinary teams working in and across primary and secondary care settings by equipping them with the appropriate knowledge, information and skills to create initial awareness of conditions, recognise symptoms, assess situations, treat people appropriately, and improve both the mental and physical health needs of the population.

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Full details can be found at

The training materials are a mixture of presentations, practical exercises, videos tutorials, case studies, scenarios aimed at

  • Acute A&E and urgent care settings
  • Mental health settings
  • Primary care – GP settings:

The e-learning for health module can be found at

and an introductory file for reading

Talks were given by the following

Gregor Henderson, Director of Wellbeing and Mental Health, Public Health England

Louise Morton, Dean of Healthcare Professions, Health Education England

Maria Kane, Chief Executive, Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust

Professor Mike Roberts, Programme Director Education and Capability & Clinical Academic Lead for Population Health, UCLPartners

Dr Julian Stern, Director of Adult and Forensic Services; and Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy, The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Sergio Sawh and Dr Fiona Croft, Emergency Medicine Registrars and ED Simulation Fellows,

Dr Lise Hertel, General Practitioner, Clinical Lead for Integrated Urgent Care service NCL,

Dr Sanjiv Ahluwalia, Post Graduate Dean, Health Education England

  • I pointed out that HEE lost a means of “breaking down barriers” in undergraduate training by not including a requirement for Trusts to have an integrated common room for students (medical nursing and other students) in the Service Level Agreement for each Trust. I pointed out that I have been asking for almost 10 years for one at NMUH !

He agreed and took it on board as an HEE issue.

Claire Johnston, Director of Nursing, Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust

  • In her talk Claire admitted the point I made was a good one !

John Brouder, Chief Executive, NELFT NHS Foundation Trust

Other news

From BMA website

Private firms receive £2.3m to draw up North Central London STP plans

From BMA Comms

This evening, BMA council chair Dr Mark Porter features in a BBC Radio 4 documentary examining the recruitment and retention crisis in NHS workforce planning. The programme was trailed on this morning’s Today Programme and in a BBC News Online article published this morning.

Dr Porter told BBC News that, “we have generally staffed a health service we can afford – rather than look at what the population needs” and that NHS workforce planning is not easy.

He added: “”It is difficult to get planning perfect for every one of 50 or 60 specialities all of the time. The population’s needs are genuinely not quite as predictable as one might imagine. We know the trajectory illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes are taking over the next five years.

“But what about the next 25 years? Will public health messages and new technology be successful, or won’t they? The answer could give us completely different trajectories in the future.”

The programme will be available here shortly after broadcast tonight at 8.30pm.

GPC deputy chair Dr Richard Vautrey was interviewed on BBC Radio West Midlands this morning about pressures on GP services and the NHS.

BMA Wales GPC deputy chair Dr David Bailey commented  in Wales Online on news that bed capacity in the principality has reduced by 40 per cent in the last 15 years and BMA Northern Ireland representatives reacted to the unfurling political crisis in Ulster and the effect it will have on GP recruitment.

BMA online/trade

Why are NHS staff shortages so persistent?
BBC News Online, Thursday 19 January 2017, (Dr Mark Porter)


BBC Radio 4, In Business: The NHS – The Recruitment Dilemma, 8.30pm, Thursday 19 January 2017, Dr Mark Porter – Recruitment & Retention

BBC Radio West Midlands, Adrian Goldberg, 8.05am, Thursday 19 January 2017, Dr Richard Vautrey – GP/NHS Pressures

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A senior doctor has responded to government attacks with heartfelt open letter
Buzzfeed News, Wednesday 18 January 2017

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust remains in special measures
Worcester News, Thursday19 January 2017

A fifth of new medicines could be rationed under NHS cost-cutting attempt

Mail Online, Thursday 19 January 2017

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