BMA Professional Fees Committee

I attended the PFC as elected representative of UK-CC on 12th December 2016.

The terms of reference of the Professional Fees Committee include the following. Negotiation of the terms for medical services and other services outside the NHS, other than those covered by other standing committees, in all countries of the UK. This excludes  private medical practice which is under the PMC. PFC also determines the policy direction of the BMA on professional fees issues after consultation with other committees.  They can submit recommendations to the Political Board eg on the annual fee increase and provide guidance information and support to members in all countries of the UK on issues relevant to professional fees. The PFC has representation on other committees (Forensic Medicine Committee,Medico-Legal Committee, Private Practice Committee Firearms . Membership of the committee includes representatives from other committees included 3 elected from ARM and devolved nations committees. A new chair was elected, Peter Holden.

An update was given on activities surrounding the BMA’s updated firearms licensing guidance and FAQs and GPC’s ongoing work on this issue. Considerations  were made  on how the PFC and GPC can work together. See

Discussion took place on how the committee can work more closely with all Branches of Practice and policy teams to identify and support issues that fall within the remit of PFC. There was an update on issues around medical evidence of domestic violence for legal aid claims . Discussions on the General Data Protection Regulation with possible changes to Subject Access Requests and a report detailing the potential changes to the General Data Protection Regulation regarding the charging for Subject Access Requests . Also considered how this will affect GPs and what the PFC and wider BMA should do to support members through this.

An update was given on issues surrounding paperwork for patients applying for PIP.  The process of moving people from DLA to PIP has led to requests from patients for paperwork to support their application. Thhis maybe a particular problem in Northern Ireland. There was a discussion of how the BMA can take the issue forward.

The Introduction of Medical Examiners and Reforms to Death Certification consultation was given. An area I have a particular interest in. The BMA response to the Department of Health consultation on the introduction of medical examiners and reforms to death certification was tabled . The consultation document is available at:

The BMA response to the Maritime and Coastal Agency fees consultation was given. The consultation document is available online at:

The BMA response to the Ministry of Justice consultation on panel composition in tribunals was discussed. The consultation document is available online at:

Finaly the priorities and projects the commmittee would like to focus on for this session were discussed.