Consultants Committee

The UK-Consultants committee took place on Thursday 2 March in BMA House.The following are my notes which exclude confidential information. Additional discussion may be conveyed to NELRCC .

The committee was as usual well attended by over 73 consultants representing Regional Consultants Committees in England and the devolved nations. Minutes of the UK-CC meeting held on 1 December 2016 and 24 January 2017 were received. Updates were given from the national committees (NI , Scotland and Wales.

A report was given by the Chairman. Details were given of the Consultants survey which is now closed. Analysis has just started on the 1750 replies.

Though accepting there are limitations to any survey morale is suggested to be considerably lower than NHS staff survey report. There is a March on 4th March starting in Tavistock Square which is being supported by Council.  There was a discussion by Chair of Council on Brexit. Council is discussing its approach to Brexit. See BMA web site to background.

also  Latest European Brief

Following a robust response from the BMA and individuals the GMC has dropped the idea to change the content of the medical register. GMC are visiting the PLAB centre soon. There will be a co-chaired GMC BMA breakfast seminar at ARM

There were discussions of the following

  •  International Medical Graduates
  • BMA & GMC survey of IMG
  • Attracting and promoting overseas graduates
  • It was agreed to support a post Brexit a uniform visa system with special features for Ireland

There was an update from the deputy chair for healthcare policy points discussed

  • “Value in leadership courses” – valueing difference an enlightening course
  • Specialty leads meeting made progress in reviewing the role . There is a paper being developed by the secretariat looking at a three year term, mentoring and a separate list server
  • Primary – secondary care interface. It was noted that the GPC has progressed on the impact to primary care. There will be some working together for a joined up view.
  • On STP – funding process and  what happens about training and diminishing  in consultant training.
  • A visit to Manchester looking at the vanguard and early discussions regarding devo London
  • Mandatory training a “best practice” paper is being developed discussion included
    • variation in different trusts
    • need to ensure that consultants have tailored mandatory training
    • training requirement and revalidation requirement
    • HSE inspections
    • In one Trust a 10 day training was condensed to 6 hours after discussions with the Medical Director engagement with the medical director to condense
    • The value of some mandatoty training , though there was agreement of good examples eg fire and evcuation, infection control and were departments have had a say in tailoring.
    • There is an opportunity to influence the GMC and the BMA has lobbied on this

Update was given by the development, communications and professionalism sub committee .

The following were discussed

  • The work schedule guidance. Guidance extant for JDr but not for consultants.
  • Educational Supervisors 0.25 SPA may not be enough because of increased responsibilities.
  • Pearson report considered. GMC are keen on more reflection .
  • There is a need for a job planning app on smart phone working in real time that should work in all the nations.

Connecting doctors

  • There is a need to avoid LNCs functioning in silos
  • It was discussed of having an LNC Chair List server and document library
  • It was agreed that the e-mails sent by the CC chair should be accessible on the BMA website
  • Recent loss in secretarial support for LNC Fora
  • How to communicate with members to get the message across and engage members
  • What the relevant of conference motions and how to communicate them to members
  • There has been a workshop from which a code of conduct for members areas

Devolution project update was given

  • It was noted that a motion passed at conference as a reference.
  • GPC have done survey and consulted with LMC. GPC already have a England GPC and SCC is in favour of the idea. SCC wants answer to the West Lothian questions SCC wants answer to the West Lothian questions
  • Welsh CC have not discussed this but there are impliction ofor the organisation committee. Nothing is likely before 2018

Conference motions were accepted

Secondary care rota gaps and medical vacancies

There is a draft project plan from the BMA Workforce and Innovation Team

State of health service and healthcare funding

Original paper looked at  rota gaps to juniors. JDr are a more mobile work forces. Rota gaps for consultants has been raised in CC. BMA scotland done work on vacancy each trust. Data can be difficult to get even through FOI and quesionairres. It was suggested that LNCs should have regular disussions on rota gaps for Junior and Consultants. Data can have different consequence. The definition of a vacancy can vary eg Internal cover , locum interim locum , not a vacancy. There is a need for a broader definition.

The following information came from JDC

A new digital rota checking tool for BMA members was released today. see,

with video detailing how to use it, a factsheet, and details for members. It offers a simple way for trainees on the 2016 contract to check whether or not their new rotas are compliant.Where rotas aren’t compliant, they can then contact the BMA, who will then raise the issue with the relevant employer.The tool has been extensively tested with junior doctors – including some JDC members – and was piloted at the end of 2016 with a group of junior doctor members.

.NHS reconfiguration in England

There was an update from Regional Consultants Committees on local Sustainability and Transformation Plan and new models of care discussions and a general view that there was a lack of clinical involvement. A round up given from RCC around England . 12 STPs will be ACOs. There was concern that there is no statutory basis for the changes

Nuffield Trust report

‘The London Quality Standards: A case study in changing clinical care’

Media comment from BMA

Kings Fund report

‘Delivering Sustainability and Transformation Plans: From ambitious proposals to credible plans’

Consultant contract negotiations

There was a widespread discussion in camera

Information that is openly available is Rob Harwood’s speech at Conference (see previous blog)

The next UK CC meeting is on Thursday 8 June 2017

If you would be interested in being a visitor to UK-CC for the three meetings 2017-18 year please contact me.

Upcoming meetings


2017 Annual Representative Meeting will take place Sunday 25 – Thursday 29 June 2017 in Bournemouth

Other information form BMA Comms

London & SE HEE. The comprehensive review has resulted in a need for a cost savings exercise across HEE. In London and the SE there is a target of 20-30% savings across running costs and educational support (the old Deanery functions). Proposals for the savings are going to the HEE board on the 18 March and consultation will probably occur in early April. A voluntary redundancy scheme was launched last week (closing on the 6 March); staff have been asked to submit expressions of interest to give them options when the new structures are published. Local union reps will be included on regional panels to look at redundancies and plans going forward. The plan is to close some offices leaving three; North London, South London and KSS. There is also a review of the numbers TPDs and the ratio to trainees. Deans in London will continue working in current way as there is no plan to move from the 13 Deans across England.