The North Thames LNC Fora and North East London Regional Consultants’Committee took place on 17th May. The following notes are an amalgam of the two meetings.

The the LNC Fora  was chaired by Bernie Bornstein (Imperial) and the NELRCC Simon Walsh (Barts). The for a was attended by LNC representatives across the North Thames LNCs whilst the NELRCC was represented by NE London Trust Consultant reps. I have  blogged about the previous meetings where NE and NW London Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) Leads presented their plans. The BNA continues to aquire more information on these plans which are undergoing continues review and updating. The IROs are a useful point for collating and dispersing information. The following points were raised or discussed.

  • The Royal Marsden now has an LNC called a Local Representative Committee, chaired (like GOSH LNC) by a Junior Doctor.
  • There is a need for completion of on line training for LNC representatives which is followed by face to face meetings which have been arranged over the next few months. This should be an agenda item for all staff side LNCs to discuss.
  • Trade Union training is part of Trade Union duties. There was a discussion of the difference between Trade Union duties and activities.
  • Industrial Relations Officers (IRO’s) have introduced a monthly “surgery” at Trusts which BMA members should be made aware of. This has developed from a demand for face to face meetings.
  • The Guardian of Junior Doctors have been established in all Trusts. The first Guardian report to the Trust boards should have been completed amd should be seen by the staff side Local Negotiating Committee (sLNC)
  • Recent JDR conference voted against a motion of continuing industrial action
  • The various Trust reps highlighted the following points
      • Problem with a maternity return to work policy
      • Variability in attendance at LNCs of Junior Doctor reps.
      • Variation in Trusts getting Junior Doctors on the sLNC
      • Variability and consistency of attendance of Consultants at LNCs at some Trusts
      • Trainees at some Trusts feel disenfranchised
      • Difficulties with new Junior Doctor Contract
      • JDr Forum at some Trusts are just before the LNC with good results.
      • There is a variable number of JDr Form with accepted terms of reference.
      • At one Trust NHS England has invited itself to a JDr Forum (unknown reason)
      • In some Trust JDr are actively being dissuaded from submitting exception report
      • CEAs have been held in various Trusts, Trust with multiple hospital have tried to ring fence awards for separate hospitals within  a group.
      • Some Trusts have had serious bed problems
      • Ealing Hospital Pathology is up for tender in 2 years.
      • Variability in acceptance of SAS Charter by Trust including 2 extra days annual leave after 7 years.
      • Serious problems with some hospital it system (particularly Barts)
      • Introduction of electronic Job Planning at some Trusts with teething problems.
      • NHS England Job planning guidance has not been agreed with the BMA.
      • Job Planning appeals panel list is held by BMA and NHS England.
      • Consultants Acting to Preserve Service is a better phrase than Acting Down. These policies are under consideration at a number of Trusts.
      • Consultant Contract has been stalled by the election there is likely to be a legal review of whether CEAs are contractual or not.