The aim of spending 24 hours in Cambridge this weekend was to visit to the Cambridge Univerity Botanic Garden on the day they held a “Festival of Plants”. There was a range of events and exhibits timetabled throughout the day including ‘ask the gardener’ sessions, pop-up plant science demonstrations, and plant shopping . I particularly enjoyed one of the guided tours in which Richard Price took us around the hot houses of the garden. This included the faunas of Oceanic Islands (eg St Helena, Galapagos Islands etc)  under threat of extinction. After the tour he kindly showed my wife and I some plants with medical connotations. I note the gardens have a lot of activities which require advance booking. For those interested in staying over night a very convenient hotel just to the east of the Botanic Garden entrance is the Centennial Hotel. I will add to this reflection at a later date with a link to a few photographs.