The BMA UK Consultants Committee (UKCC) took place on Thursday 8 June 2017, from 10am to 5 pm. There was a one minute silence for those killed and injured in the recent events in Manchester and London. Below are notes taken by me with confidential information removed and material added from open sources

European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) President address

Dr Romuald Krajewski, UEMS president addressed the meeting. Dr Krajewski was born in Elk, Poland, 1952 and qualified in 1981. He is a specialist in neurosurgery. His biography can be found at Romuald Krajewski and in Polish Romuald Krajewski

In Europe there are 1.6 million medical specialists.

The European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) :-

  • Represents national associations of medical specialists in the EU and associated countries
  • was established in 1958
  • Promotes free movement, addresses training, CPD
  • Has 39 members (National Medical Associations) including four from the Council of Europe  see UEMS National Association Members 20171002.pdf
  • The UEMS structure consists of Council responsible for and working through 43 specialist sections and their European Boards 14 multi-disciplinary joint committees, 4 thematic federations. The Executive consists of  the President,( Dr Krajewski) and Secretary General  who also attended the meeting (Professor Vassilios Papalois) as well as a Treasurer and Liaison Officer
  • Has an annual income budget of 1.4 million Euros.
  • has strong links and relations with
      • European Institutions (Commission and Parliament),
      • other independent European Medical Organisations
      • European Medical / Scientific Societies.
  • Has active participation, of just under 1000 medical specialists
  • has greater strength through mutual co-operation;
  • is a unified voice in the international representation of medical specialists;
  • has international excellence in key areas of relevance to the medical profession;
  • is an effective interaction and support between NMAs and the UEMS, and between individual specialities and the UEMS;
  • addresses interdisciplinary issues in emerging areas of specialist medical practice;
  • is setting the basis for the robust accreditation of the educational meetings attended by our colleagues
  • promotes the development of new, harmonised models for the training of the next generation of medical specialists, and of high standards of clinical practice, hence improved care for patients throughout Europe.

Key activities of the UEMS include

  • political lobbying (Commission, Parliament, support of NMAs)
  • standard setting for training and practice in individual medical specialities;
  • accreditation of CME/CPD.

UEMS achievements include

  • European training requirements
  • European examination
  • Effective interdisciplinary cooperation on a voluntary basis
  • Managing complexity
  • Domus Medicus
  • New rules on procedures
  • A growing membership

UEMS Challenges

  • Promoting co-operation
  • Harmonisation CME/CPA and Post graduate training
  • More collaboration
  • Erasmus – for training
  • Annex versus updates
  • Implementation of Luxembourg statement affirming the principle that professional development of doctors has to remain in the hands of the medical profession
  • Added value of collaboration
    • European excellence
    • Interdisciplinary approach
    • Harmonised model
    • Effective interaction

Issues regarding Brexit discussed were

  •             How to avoid a downgrading of British collaboration
  •             that there is a better hearing of BMA views in Europe than at home
  •             Maintaining engagement with European bodies.

Examples of non EU member involvement was given of CPME President is a Swiss national

Dr Andrew Rowland speech to UEMS was noted see

The UEMS Council Spring 2017 meeting was noted


A BMA European Office Report and Brexit update paper was received

See also

BMA European Brief May 2017

Other items on the agenda

Apologies were given. This was the last meeting of the session  for Els Draeger and Peter Maguire last session. They were congratulated for  their involvement. Additional secretarial structural support was noted. The minutes of last meeting accepted

Consultant conference motions

  • There was an update on actions taken on the 2017 UK Consultants Conference
  • Regular updates are to be given to CC
    • There is an upcoming press release in 2 weeks regarding transfer of adult mental health patients

Judges pensions actions

  • An action brought by 200 judges has succeeded on the grounds of age discrimination). In the discussion at UKCC it was noted
    • Judges didn’t have tiered protection
    • Judges can’t go back to being barristers
    • Firefighter had a similar case lost – but this was not as well presented to the court
      • One noted difference was the requirement for fire fighters need to be physically fit
  • An update was given by Mark Porter on the judges’ pensions action


National Committees (Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland)

  • Updates from the national committees were noted including that there are 422 consultants posts vacant in Scotland noted.

Chairs report

  • An oral report from Keith Brent was given
    • Rota gaps project will be a pan branch of practice
    • Sleep deprivation – conference policy is to be taken forward by the BMA Science Committee

CC subcommittee structure

  • Proposed changes to the CC subcommittee structure for the 2017-18 session was considered
    • This has only been going 6 months

CC devolution

An update was given by the deputy chair for healthcare policy regarding proposed devolution of CC issues raised include

  • How many members are represented
  • Will the UK CC be a decision making
  • There is a need to change but retain a UK wide forum for consultants
  • Absence of route from RCC to English arena but there need is a need for a forum
  • If there is an English CC what is the role of UKCC
  • A proposal that UK-CC would have first a subcommittee EngCC


Elections of the deputy chairs of the committee

The following elections took place for the session 2017-18 beginning ) October.

  • Deputy chair for negotiations – Dr Rob Harwood (unopposed)
  • Deputy chair for healthcare policy TBA
  • Deputy chair for development, communications and professionalism  – Dr Helen Fidler


Doctors’ and Dentists’ Review Body (DDRB)   

An update was given on the BMA approach to the DDRB by Rob Harwood

A discussion paper on pay was noted

DDRB noted the problems with retention and recruitment

A BMA letter to the Review Body has been sent to DDRB by UK-CC

The BMA has given a submission of evidence for the 2018 round

Specialty leads

Minutes of the meeting of specialty leads on 10 May 2017 was noted and a paper on the review of specialty leads discussed. The specialty leads are the means that CC communicates with the various colleges and specialty associations


Healthcare policy subcommittee

There was an update from the healthcare policy subcommittee by the deputy chair for healthcare policy. Areas discussed.

  • Primary – secondary care interface
  • Sustainability and Transformation Plans
  • Conflict of interest

Development, communications and professionalism subcommittee

There was an update from the development, communications and professionalism subcommittee by the co-chairs

Regarding “Members services” included helping with LNC  Chairs responsibility.

There is now an “IRO of the day telephone”

Document store is now active  –

Regional consultant committee list server and fora list server should be more widely used.

Videos for consultants eg Influencing skills are available

Consultant survey results will be out soon, sub analysis is still being done

Job planning app. Web based initially then for the interface about 4 weeks


Negotiating subcommittee

There was an update by the deputy chair for negotiations

Due to general election little work is to report back on. There are a lot of unknowns.

Time for external duties information from Academy of Royal Medical Colleges noted

NHS Improvement advice inaccurate on Job Planning. A letter to LNC chairs is about to go out.