The staff side NMUH Local Negotiating Committee met prior to a Joint LNC on Thursday 15th June. The following are my personal views and interpretation of the proceeding which exclude confidential information and are not official minutes

NMUH Staff side LNC consists of the following

Sunil Trakru                                     Chair

John Firth                                         Deputy Chair & Minutes

Piyusha Kapila                                Cons. Paediatrician

Mohammed Anwar                         AS Orthopaedics

A K Ray                                             Clinical Oncologist

Devesh Sharma                              A&E Consultant

Wai Yoong                                        Consultant Oncologists

Gopakumar Sudhir                         Consultant Anaesthetist

Hawa Petkar                                    Consultant Microbiologist

Nicola West                                     SHO Oncology (Jr Dr Rep)

Rosemarie S MacKenzie                 BMA IRO attends

 Matters discussed at the sLNC include the following

  • Exception reporting

The sLNC has not yet seen the quarterly report of the Guardian for safe working to be submitted to  the NMUH Executive Board. It is recognized that not all trainees are on the new contract yet.

  • sLNC Constitution

This need to be update to conform to recommendations from BMA House. One requirement is that all members of the sLNC must be BMA members.

  • Middle Grade Doctors List

There is a need for an up to date list of middle grade Doctors. Lists on the list server are inaccurate and not up to date. There is also a need to review how many long term locums are in the Trust again (last done 4 years ago)

  • Annual leave policy discussed

Previously 2 statutory days were converted to 3 days annual leave on the grounds that 2 “bank holiday days” is equal to 2.6 Pas

For new starters from October 2016 this has been reduced to 2 additional days. The sLNC does not agree with this.

  • Trust Grade Doctors

There are no national Terms and Conditions for Trust Grade Doctors. There was a discussion of how this affects them locally.

  • Car parking
    • The car parking survey performed by the Chair of the LNC was discussed as was a meeting that took place between the Chair and Deputy Chair of the sLNC with the Chief Executive and Finance Director on 12th June
  • Land Sale

The south east part of hospital land was sold to the Education Funding Agency in March 2016 for the site of a new free school. As planning permission was withheld by the local authority the EFA is looking for alternative uses which would include selling on the land.

It was noted that RFH had sold some of its land to RFH Charities and Ealing Hospital has sold land for housing.

  • Ongoing discussions

An Acting down policy has been put forward by management. The sLNC will respond in detail in due course before the next joint meeting

CEA guidance on the Trust network states this has been accepted by the sLNC. This is not the case.

The joint LNC followed 9am – 10.30 pm

  • Apologies were given by amongst others the Chief Executive and the Medical Director

Items discussed

  • Car Parking
  • Previous suboptimal planning by management was accepted
  • Management recognises
    • There is a need to be open and transparent
    • the strength of feeling regarding car parking fee increase
    • Senior doctors work hard and this should not be eroded
  • Comments from the survey were noted
  • Taking in all costs including overheads and depreciation the Trust estimates the overall cost of parking is £1 million.
  • Of the direct costs of staff parking the costs are £250,000 of which £100k is recovered leaving a deficit of £150k there is thus a need to close the gap
  • The forthcoming proposal will be the final proposal when the final set of fees will be issued, these will be sent out on Monday 19th June

Other points from management

  • There will be an informal discussion of the staff side union next week
  • There are lessons to be learnt “on all sides”
  • There will be automatic plate recognition to be implemented.
  • There will provision for arrangement for on call
  • Pro rata will be included in fee structure
  • Allocation criteria will be introduced
  • The renewal system will be more efficient
  • There will be no change to the charge for the lowest grades

As part of the open and transparent it was asked whether these fee structures will be included in information to those doctors interested in applying for jobs at NMUH.

Other items discussed

  • Agreed the number of Trust Grade who are in post for a long time needs to be reviewed at sLNC and jLNC
  • sLNC was to be noted at the lack of management side involvement since these dates are scheduled well in advance. The management pointed out unscheduled important meeting today and some attendees are part time
  • The SAS Charter has been accepted by the Trust but they are still awaiting the extra 2 days annual leave.
  • Mandatory training includes now an additional 3 items. This particularly affects SAS Doctors with only one SPA. It was accepted that this is a Job Planning matter and extra time should be allowed for mandatory training.
  • There are problems with mandatory training on most computers in the trust requires a screen shot of the final page to let the LeAD manager know completion.
  • CEA review – there is one appeal being assessed
  • The CEA new guidance was not agreed by sLNC
  • It was noted that CEA needs volunteers but it was accepted that the review process takes a lot of time.


I will attend Annual Representative Meeting June 25-29th June

If anyone is interested Join the BMA committee visitors scheme



FROM BMA COMMS (all below from BMA edited)

In his speech to the NHS Confederation conference in Liverpool, Jeremy Hunt pledged to secure the rights of EU nationals working in the NHS as Brexit negotiations get underway as he said that “they are part of the NHS family”.

Responding to the Health Secretary’s speech, Dr Mark Porter said: “The Government must ensure that NHS funding keeps pace with other European nations, that EU doctors in the UK are protected from the impact of Brexit, that general practice is properly supported, that policies which protect and enhance the public’s health are implemented and that the pressures which affect the day-to-day delivery of high-quality patient care are tackled.” Dr Porter’s comments were included in iNews, Mail Online and The Daily Express.

You can read the full response here.

GP Online reports that a survey of BMA sessional GPs has revealed that two thirds of sessional GPs say they have no interest in becoming a partner because they would not have control over their workload. Commenting, , BMA GP Sessional subcommittee chair, Dr Zoe Norris, said: ‘This wide ranging survey lays bare the real workload crisis that is threatening to overwhelm the locum and salaried GP workforce. It cannot be healthy that more than half are suffering from the impact of work related stress that is clearly being caused by a working environment starved of resources despite rising patient demand.


BMA online/trade

EU staff belong to the NHS family

iNews, Thursday 15 June 2017, (Dr Mark Porter)

Jeremy Hunt pledges £100m to struggling A&E units after claims some have been shut overnight
Mail Online, Thursday 15 June 2017, (Dr Mark Porter)

David Davis to start formal talks to leave EU on Monday
The Daily Express, Thursday 15 June 2017, (Dr Mark Porter)

Majority of sessional GPs would not like to be partners

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Former partners make up half of locum and salaried GPs

Pulse, Thursday 15 June 2017, (BMA Mention)

Jeremy Hunt hints at lifting pay cap for nurses
The Guardian, Thursday 15 June 2017

‘Monumental’ NHS U-turn on pioneering breast cancer drug is hailed by patient groups
The Daily Telegraph, Thursday 15 June 2017

Shocking documentary shows moment Westminster terrorist died on stretcher
Mail Online, Thursday 15 June 2017


This morning, as Brexit negotiations are due to commence in Brussel, the BMA warned the government must put healthcare front and centre. With the NHS at breaking point, The BMA called on government to protect patient care by giving EU doctors and medical researchers permanent residency in the UK among other things.

BMA council chair Dr Mark Porter said: “Leaving the EU poses several risks to healthcare across the UK, not least in its staffing as almost half of the 10,000 doctors working here are considering leaving in light of the referendum result. These doctors have enhanced the UK’s medical research, brought expertise to the NHS and higher education, and filled shortages in specialties which may otherwise have been unable to cope.”

Dr Porter’s comments were reported in The Guardian. You can read the press release in full here.

The BMA signed a letter with the Royal College of Nursing and other health unions demanding an end to the one per cent pay cap introduced in 2010 to limit NHS staff pay increase. The letter stated, “By your own admission, austerity, and a lack of investment in the public sector was a significant factor in the general election result. Many have said that the pay freeze in the public sector was in part to blame for your failure to secure a parliamentary majority.” It was reported in The Guardian, The Daily Mirror, Press Association and Politics Home.

BMA Board of Science chair and former president Professor Parveen Kumar has been knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honour List. Hindustan Times reports she is only the third woman of Indian origin to receive such an award.

On Friday the BMA responded to quarterly statistics published by NHS Providers which showed trust deficits had been slashed by two-thirds. Dr Mark Porter said: “These figures are yet another warning about the financial crisis that is engulfing the NHS. Let us not forget that this is yet another failed NHS target – the deficit was supposed to be reduced to £580million by now.” You can read the press release in full here.

Health unions urge Prime Minister to ditch NHS pay cap
The Guardian, Monday 19 June 2017, (Dr Mark Porter)

Wave of pay industrial action ‘set to hit Britain’ amid public sector fury at 1 per cent rise
The Daily Mirror, Monday 19 June 2017, (BMA mention)

Healthcare unions come together to urge end to “detrimental” 1% pay curb
Politics Home, Monday 19 June 2017, (BMA mention)

Professor Parveen Kumar awarded damehood in Queen’s Birthday Honours List

Hindustan Times, Saturday 17 June 2017, (BMA mention)

Four-day-week GPs fuel national shortage as “millennial” medics prefer to work part time
Mail Online, Friday 16 June 2017, (Dr Chaand Nagpaul)

Would you pay £145 to see a GP? NHS GPs offering ‘fast track’ appointments
Daily Star Online, Sunday 18 June 2017, (BMA mention)

Up to 500 doctors to debate ending time limits on abortions
The Daily Mail, Monday 19 June 2017, (BMA mention)

GP training courses being axed due to funding squeeze

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